Ministry Coaching

Beginning in the 1980’s, my work has centered for 30 years on foundations work – helping to establish or re-establish the roots of churches. Over the last 20 years, among my most rewarding ministry experiences have been a spectrum of consultancy assignments. This work has ranged from the delivery of one-to-one coaching, to church consultations, to leading churches through community-healing, re-profiling or intentional interim processes. 

This page relates to my previous work in foundations and consultancy and to my continuing work as a ministry coach.


Leadership Dynamics

“Are you on task?” And other questions…

Breaking from Harmony / Taking the Lead

3 Models of Prophetic Leadership

Do you know your assignment?

The Leading Man Syndrome & Avoiding Spiritual Abuse

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The Leader as Story-teller

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Ministry Coaching


Intentional Interim Ministry 101

5 Layers of Intentional Interim Ministry

Interim Processes, Naming Problems and Consensus Decision-making

Intentional Interim as Story-teller

Intentional Interim & Nanny McPhee

Ministry Succession: A Tale of Two Leaders

Ministry Succession: The Mismatch Exercise

A Fluid Assignment – Case Study in the Healing of a Place

Commendations for Paul’s church-healing, consultations & interim processes

OIKOS Australia

Commendations for Paul’s work with OIKOS Australia

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What Makes for Lasting Church Plants?

Mission & the Kodak Question

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Church Growth Paradigms

Shifting Culture, Changing Church

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