The Simple Rule, New Monastics & Spiritual Coaching

When I work with someone as a spiritual coach, I do it by sharing my rule of life for a season. (Amos 3:3)  I express this rhythm of life in The Simple Rule. It’s a framework that strengthens my own walk with Jesus. It’s a tool for whole-of-life discipleship, and taking a relationship with God deeper.

My own rule of life has been deeply shaped by monastic ways of living the Gospel. How do we in our generation – as single people, couples, families and households – live the Gospel, and belong to one another within the Body of Christ with a monastic integrity – each in our own settings of life and family and work? That is the “neo-monastic” question.

Explore this page for notes on the Simple Rule, New Monasticism, the story of Jesus Generation and some inspirations from church history.


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