New Paradigms for Leadership


On this page you will find 10 podcasts – all very different – but all variously relevant to reframing our leadership paradigms


Transformational leadership guides others into more subtle thought. Click here to hear Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talk about the dangers of the single story.


Sister Rosetta Tharpe.jpg

Leadership is about influencing others. Sometimes this is achieved simply by stepping up with the gifts and call that God has placed on us and allowing the chips to fall where they may. I see this kind of leadership often exemplified by creative pioneers – pioneers like the amazing Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Our musical world is different because of Sister Rosetta! Click here to find out why.

Eve Ensler.jpg

Eve Ensler (creator of “The Vagina Monologues”.) This interview focuses chiefly on violence against women. In it Eve reframes “leadership” and “power” in a poignant and powerful way. (Click with CAUTION: As an advocate for women around the world overcoming violence, oppression and abuse, Eve’s content is both graphic and unsettling. Please listen with grace and discretion.) 


Leadership in new missional endeavour can dislocate us and challenge us as did the journey of the patriarchs of faith, Abraham and Sarah. Click on the links below to share in the journey as I draw out some of the paradigm-shifting principles embedded in Genesis Chapter 12.

Genesis 12 – part 1

Genesis 12 – Part 2


Leadership requires of the individual sometimes to go ahead of the pack and yet always to work successfully with others. Nelson Mandela‘s ability both to go ahead, and compromise to engage the other won for him and his comrades their honoured place in history – and in our hearts. Click here for his story.

Young Bill Bailey

Click here to watch C20th innovators in American dance culture – a testament to the edge, skill, vulnerability and creativity that allowed each one to change how others viewed the field of possibilities on the dance floor. Those who followed tried new things because of trail-blazers like Bill Bailey. This is a form of leadership that has nothing to do with power and control, but that is built on creativity, inspiration and pioneering.

And while I’m on the subject of dance, here is a glimpse of the awesome dancers from Michael Jackson’s “This is it”


Russell Brand vs entrenched leadership paradigms! Here Dr Sarah McKian (Open University) suggests that how a person shares their journey, the carefulness of thought, the personal willingness to change, their honesty and truth-telling offer leadership that inspires, challenges and empowers others.