Airline Christian Network

ACN welcome

Engaging in the life of the Church can be difficult when you’re working funny hours or when you’re always in the wrong country. But the Christian is called to know and serve God at all times and in all places. For six years I shared the JGen rule of life with the founder of ACN, Chris McDonald the founder of this network ministry among airline staff around the world – both those on the ground and those in the air. Airline Christian Network exists to network and support Christians in the airline industry, providing another layer of relationships to encourage and help its members as they engage their faith in the work-place.
ACN exists to:

1.Connect Christians in the airline industry to enable them to encourage and support each other as airline employees. The airline industry is a very unique one and people also in aviation who understand the industry are well equipped to support their colleagues.

2.Inspire and enable all Christian airline employees to approach their work with the attitude of love that comes from a relationship with God, for the benefit of their coworkers, customers and company.

3.Encourage Christians in the airlines to support their companies through prayer.

4.Challenge, encourage and reassure people that the workplace is just as valid a place for Christians to be as those in “full time ministry”.


ACN was established in October 2004 and is based in Sydney, Australia. The network currently includes airline employees based in most major Australian cities and several other locations worldwide.

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