November 2016 – Calling for Change

I noted that the churches played a positive role in assimilating and settling thousands of boat people out of Vietnam in the 70s and 80s – to Australia’s enrichment and profit. The same offer from the Catholic  churches is on the table for refugees coming to Australia today. Why then the change in attitude to boat people? I also noted that as allies of the US we must take some responsibility for people displaced by allied actions.

The encouragement is that this Liberal office has been, by their own report, inundated with calls and letters from all sides of the party political spectrum explaining that they cannot vote for policies, such as those proposed by the Turnbull government to permanently deny access to Australia to refugees arriving by boat. Since it is not a simple thing to obtain a visa in persecution war zones such as Mosul to escape the country on false pretences – this policy aims at excluding all asylum seekers.

Evidently Tony Smith’s office is hearing this loud and clear. Let us see what our constituency member does in response and whether he is prepared to make his stance public in accountability to his own voters.

Tony Smith

Tony Smith – my local federal member and speaker of the house

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