What you see is what you get! (Church, Household and Mission)

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If you follow online ads for ministry positions around the country you’ll quickly notice there’s one job description that recurs more often than any other. “Children’s and Families’ Pastor”. The position description usually reads something like this:

“We are a friendly church of 72 households with a weekly attendance of 120-150. We are a mix of ages, perhaps a few more older than younger. Our challenge is that as a congregation we have no “fringe”. We meet in the recreation room on the 19th floor of an office block so we are not very visible to passers-by. We have lost touch with the wider community and especially with a new generation of non-churched young families. Your job as Children’s and Families’ Pastor will be to fix all that…without changing anything else.”

Are the advertisers right? Has their church lost contact with the local community? Or are they looking at things the wrong way? What if we take our congregation-shaped lenses off and look at the situation again with our household/family lenses on? When we do, a quite different picture comes into focus.

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What you see is what you get! (Thinking about how we see our churches in mission)