Democracy Matters

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The longer I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the wider the canvas on which I see his teachings. A believer cannot love his or her neighbor, as Jesus taught, without concern for policies that serve the common good. I cannot conceive of the political and economic life of our villages, towns, suburbs, cities and regions as “none of my business” if it is my duty to love my neighbour as myself. If we aspire to be a democratic society then we must be a voice for one another and work together for a better tomorrow…

Israel Folau and Freedom of Speech

Why the War on Drugs is a war on All of Us

No Time To Be Silent

Tony Benn on his Politics & Jesus (PODCAST)

Tony Benn argues that democracy is a struggle for every generation (PODCAST)

Injustice, Overwhelm and Ubuntu in 2018

Homelessness around Melbourne in 2017

Donald Trump – 12 months in

Make Australia Great Again? (June 17)

A Pivotal Leader

On the 2016 U.S. Election Result

Contemplating Australia’s 2016 General Election

Energy & Democracy – A Snapshot

Healthy Society vs Leaners & Lifters…

Noam Chomsky on the tension between Democracy and Capitalism (PODCAST)

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