How Smart can You Get?

Orlando-Serrell_2 (2)

In 1980 Orlando Serrell was hit in the head with a baseball. When he recovered Orlando discovered a mathematical genius has been unlocked in his brain. A skill he has retained to this day. This is just one of many cases of Acquired Savant Syndrome – a pattern where brain injuries unlock higher capacities – in mathematics, visual memory, language, art, or music. Today neuro-scientists wonder if it it possible to unlock higher capacities without suffering a brain injury. But how can a brain injury possibly elevate mental or creative skill? What are prodigious skills doing in our brains if they are locked up? How did they get there? And why are they locked up? Contemporary science is mystified. But many of the world’s mythologies propose the same answer. ESCAPING FROM EDEN explores what our mythologies have to offer. The answer they propose might just turn your world upside-down…


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