Are we going extinct?

leopard cub (2)

A recent WWF report –“The Living Planet” – presented findings that the size of planet Earth’s vertebrate populations reduced by a staggering 60% between 1970 and 2014. The report asserts that the Earth has never known this rate of extinctions in its entire history as a life-bearing planet. Yet there is evidence of near extinction level events (ELE’s) periodically peppering our prehistoric past. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato, writing in the 5th century BCE,  suggested these ELE’s occur approximately every 5000 years – which echoes the mythology of the ancient Vedic scriptures.

ESCAPING FROM EDEN probes the world’s mythologies for their answers to this question and finds surprising evidence in the texts of the Bible concerning the place of ELE’s in human history. (Read more…)


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