Commendations for Paul’s church consultations/ interim processes

Paul Wallis photo by Evie Wallis photography (2)

Tina Kennedy – Pastoral Search Team – Churches of St Barnabas, St Michael & All Angels, Charnwood-Hall ACT: Paul’s grace-filled leadership of our appointment process was truly wonderful. His attentive ear to the leading of the Lord guided us through a difficult process. I am so thankful for Paul’s calm and Spirit-filled leadership, and for his deep wisdom as he led us through the process…[to] a wonderful outcome for all concerned…These are [gifts] that only the Father can give. I thank the Father for Paul’s ministry. I can commend him with all my heart. Truly a wonderful man of God.

Kirk Delaney & Greg Trainor – National Director and Director of Training – Vineyard Churches Australia – Paul is a good strategic thinker – a steady hand – willing to tackle the harder organisational challenges – and with a skill set that includes strong Biblical engagement and a track record of leading groups to navigate difficult transitions.

Susan Phillips – Worship-Leader – St Simon’s Church Kaleen-Giralang, ACT: Our church has come to life again!…I was constantly amazed [by how] you held us so close to your heart and yet continued to push us to the future, rather than turn us into ‘your’ church – owned by you. This has been a great gift…So many blessings received from you – always pointing us to Jesus!

M.A. & J.W. – Pastorate Leaders – Church of the Good Shepherd, Waterlooville, UK: I can’t remember laughing so much in church as we have through your time with us!! We have learnt so much from you. Thank you for the process and for making it all hugely entertaining. Your encouragements and challenges gave us confidence. We are stronger and better because of your teaching.

Wardens+Council of St Simon’s Church Kaleen-Giralang ACT: Parish Council…would like to say thank you, Paul, for all you have done for us; for your guidance and wisdom, for getting us into a position to know each other and be able to work in a collaborative and inclusive way – and for always leading us by example. You have equipped us with the tools needed to operate in a way that is much more effective and considerate, and have brought us to a point where we are ready to work effectively with a new Minister. Again, thank you for everything.

Wardens of St Stephen’s Church, Kambah ACT: Paul’s special leadership ability was most needed at St Stephen’s Kambah. His work was tireless, empathetic, respectful, supportive and effective. He came when the parish was in the process of recovery from a divisive event. Paul…was able to relate to all parties in the parish. [His] proactive…approach…has been a focus in reuniting members of the community, and under Paul’s guidance the parish has redeveloped into a united and vibrant corporate identity…”

Parishioners at St Stephen’s Church, Kambah ACT: With love and gratitude for your ministry, we thank you, Paul, for:
  • responding to an urgent need, accepting us as we were and for being so comfortable with us
  • your massive generosity in time and trust, your calming influence among us and your desire to see the Kingdom of God a reality in the lives of those you serve
  • your spiritual insight, inspiration and unfailing good humour
  • your steadfast belief in God’s word and the clarity and wonderful delivery of your message
  • the questions with which you have challenged and helped us to step out of our comfort zones, work on our relationship with God and to move forward with Him

Consultations through OIKOS Australia:

I really appreciate your support and advice, Paul. It is great to get a wider perspective on problems…So encouraging. We left built up!
S.M. – Broulee NSW

Thank you for your response and the effort in love to bring adjustment. I value the input of your advice and wisdom…[As for] unbiased feedback…you are the first person I felt I knew could give this to me and so I appreciate the time you have taken. I continue to see His hand upon our efforts… Thanks for all your very helpful insight and practical guidance.
Captain P.J. – Melbourne VIC

Thanks Paul. I cherish your advice and wisdom. So refreshing.
M.K. – Canberra ACT

You are such a blessing! We are young. Sometimes it’s a good thing – and sometimes we beg God for years of wisdom! Love you in Jesus’ name!
Aaron and Morgan Snow – Austin Texas

Thanks very much indeed; I really appreciated your wisdom and input. It was healing, it was spot on and it has helped very much with [my] processing…
Captain J.F. – UK