Commendations for Paul’s work with OIKOS Australia

I really appreciate your support and advice, Paul. It is great to get a wider perspective on problems…So encouraging. We left built up!
S.M. – NSW

Thanks for your response and the effort in love to bring adjustment. I value the input of your advice and wisdom…[As for] unbiased feedback…you are the first person I felt I knew could give this to me and so I appreciate the time you have taken. I continue to see His hand upon our efforts… Thanks for all your very helpful insight and practical guidance.
P.J. – VIC

Thanks Paul. I cherish your advice and wisdom. So refreshing.
M.K. – ACT

Practicing contextual theologies in our contemporary society in Australia is unique and challenging. We have many hurdles to overcome…May we continue in encouraging one another in the faith…Again thank you. E.R. – NSW

Thanks guys, you are such a blessing. We are pretty young…sometimes it’s a good thing. And sometimes we beg God for years of wisdom! Love you guys in Jesus’ name!
A.S. – TX

Thanks very much indeed; I really appreciated your wisdom and input. It was healing, it was spot on and it has helped very much with [my] processing…
F.F. – NSW


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