My Dinner with Anton

My Dinner With Anton

When a 21st century evangelical and an 18th century Russian monk get together for an Italian meal, you know the conversation is going to take you to some unexpected places!

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If ever there were a book that is both charming and wrenchingly serious -all at the same time – it is this record of a dinner with Anton. Orthodoxy and its ways of praying and being have never had a more cordial, attractive and sympathetic introduction in the West than that which Paul Wallis provides here. I can almost guarantee that you will savor as well as treasure this one!) Phyllis Tickle – Publishers Weekly (USA)

My Dinner with Anton —- Extraordinary!
Alan Bennett – Playwright, Actor, Screenplay Writer, Author

In a world of shock jocks and talking past one another,  Paul Wallis provides us with an appetizing model of discourse showing how orthodoxy deserves its place at the table of ideas,  how it feeds the soul and inspires the spirit,  how it is not merely worth considering, but worth embracing, indeed how, once one takes it inside oneself,  one discovers something rather amazing— you are what you eat!    My advice in regard to Paul Wallis’ entree is the advice God gave Ezekiel—- eat this book!
Dr. Ben Witherington, III
Amos Professor of NT for Doctoral Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary
Wilmore Ky. Doctoral Faculty St. Mary’s College, St. Andrews University, Scotland

“My Dinner with Anton” reminds me why I’m a Christian: simplicity and complexity, time and timelessness, mystery and reality meet in a God found through amazing Saints throughout the ages. Don’t miss Paul Wallis’s “My Dinner with Anton” – for Christian, non-Christian, and meaning-seeker alike! CPJG83 Amazon Reviewer

Where Paul Wallis provides the meat I am happy to provide the gravy.
Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Paul Wallis is able somehow to roll back the years. This sense of timelessness is key to My Dinner with Anton. One of the greatest rewards…is…to listen as Paul Wallis poses all those difficult questions we may have longed to ask for ourselves…We come away enriched and encouraged to expect great things of God in our own lives.
Most Revd & Rt Hon David Hope – as Archbishop of York

My Dinner with Anton…excellent!!

Most Revd & Rt Hon Rowan Williams – as Archbishop of Canterbury

Paul has the profound ability to make subjects such as listening to God, prayer, solitude and faith accessible and understandable. This book could open up new horizons for you in your relationship with God.
Barry Kissell – Evangelist & Author

Written with an admirable light touch, My Dinner with Anton has successfully lifted a worthy subject out of the theological depths. 
Lisa Green – HarperCollins

An arresting piece of work.
Sr Isabel Mary – Fairacres 

Just delicious! This book is packed with great and wonderful insights that whet your appetite for more! I was very inspired by how the author gradually takes the reader through an amazing journey of discovery of what God can do in our lives!! A must to read! You’ll come away very satisfied and full! Bon Appetit!

SoHappy – Amazon Reviewer

Refreshingly accessible without being dumbed down, “My Dinner” serves up a delightful treat of tasty theological insight, wrapped in a wonderful shell of realism. When we underestimate the nature of our Creator God, a God of wisdom, power, mystery and miracle, we can turn to Wallis and Anton to remind us of the true essence of an amazing loving God who engages with the created order actively throughout the ages.
Amazon Reviewer

Very entertaining! 
Maurice Lyon – Lion Publishing

My Dinner with Anton carries the reader along with a sense of excitement. It’s a very good book!
Sandra Kramer – Iona / Wild Goose

My Dinner with Anton – simple yet profound, foreign yet relevant. I believe churches of every stream – missional and traditional, emerging and mainstream – will find fresh vision, encouragement and inspiration in its pages.

Rt Revd Stuart Robinson, Bishop of Canberra & Goulburn, Australia

My Dinner with Anton is ideal for individual reading,
for taking on retreat and/or for group study.

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