Wisdom from my Kids


BEN: What if the earth was a giant boom box / ipod? ANd it was playing songs to Jesus!
(Psalms 97-100!)
Ben at 6


Sometimes in the car, bad news will come on the radio before we can turn it off. Today this conversation followed:

MY OLDER BOY: “Why do they always tell us the bad news?
MY LITTLE GIRL: “I think I know why they always tell us the bad news. It’s to remind us to look after each other and to look after children!”

My Little Girl at 7.


For My Little Girl, the superheroes are Superman, Spiderman and Batman.

MY LITTLE GIRL: “I think all the superheroes must know Jesus.”
DADDY: “What makes you think that?”
MY LITTTLE GIRL: “Because they always want to help people.”

(My Little Girl is 7)

DADDY: “What do you want to do today, Caleb?”
MY LITTLE BOY – after a few moment’s careful thought,
he smiles and says Play”

(This was when My Little Boy was 19 months old)


“If the Jesus church is broken it doesn’t matter,
because there’s still Jesus.”

So says My Boy at 4 years old!
(He was talking about his Lego model.)


My Little Girl sometimes struggles with processing the thought of pictures that were taken “before you came”. She can get pictures of when she was in Mummy’s tummy. Naturally, from time to time, she has asked how she came to be in Mummy’s tummy in the first place! So we have said:

“Before you were a little girl you were a baby. Before you were a baby you were a little baby in Mummy’s tummy. Before that you were a tiny, tiny, tiny little baby that Jesus put in Mummy’s tummy one night when Mummy and Daddy were having a cuddle…”

…which seems to satisfy her.

The other evening we were looking at a picture of Mummy “before you came”.

“Where am I?” asks My Little Girl.

“Oh this was before you came,” says Daddy.

“Was I in Mummy’s tummy?” asks My Little Girl.

“No,” says Daddy. “This was before you were in Mummy’s tummy!”

“Oh I see,” she says and pauses, “When Jesus was holding me!”


(This was when My Little Girl had just turned 5)



My Little Boy loves collecting books from Daddy’s library. His favourites are the prayer books and books of liturgy. I was trying to restore some of them to the shelf the other day and My Little Boy was especially protective of one of them.

“I want this one Daddy,” says My Little Boy. (It was the 1662 CofE Prayer Book.)

“Why do you want that one?”
asks Daddy.

“Because it’s got Jesus in it!” says My Little Boy.

“How did you know that it’s got Jesus in it?” asks Daddy (since the Prayer Book has no pictures in it.)

“Because it’s yours Dad!”


(This was when My Little Boy had just turned 3)