Healthy Stuff – 10 Personal Lessons in health and weight management.

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Before 89kilos  (left) – 1 year later 74kilos (centre) and to date 74/75kilos (right)

9 years ago I shed around 15 surplus kilos (about 33 pounds) that I had been carrying around with me for years. I do not claim to be a dietitian and or any great authority in nutrition. But in case it is of any interest to you I would simply like to share with you the adaptations of my lifestyle that enabled me to shed those unhealthy surplus kilos easily and without restricting my diet – and to keep the surplus weight off for 9 years – all the while enjoying my favourite foods!

I knew for a long time that the “eat-calories-on and exercise-calories-off” explanation of weight gain and weight loss was far from the whole picture. (You would only have to compare me and my brother to know that!) But it took me a while to piece together the fuller picture.

Every body is wired a little differently and so different approaches will aid different people. But just in case weight-management is an issue for you, and just in case any of these measures might assist you, the following 10 posts will unpack some significant changes that have worked for me. The underlying principle of all the changes I have made is something quite simple: Give your body what it needs and it will be healthier – and for a person carrying extra weight, healthier will mean slimmer! Take whatever is helpful or applicable to you – and enjoy!!