Healthy Stuff – 10 Personal Lessons in Health and Weight-Management.

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Before 89kilos  (left) – 1 year later 72 kilos (centre) and to date 73/74 kilos (right)

10 years ago I shed around 15 surplus kilos (about 33 pounds.) I had been carrying the extra weight around with me for years. I don’t claim to be any great authority in nutrition. But just in case it’s of any interest to you I would simply like to share with you the adjustments I made that enabled me, easily and without restricting my diet, to shed all those surplus kilos and keep them off for 10 years.

I knew for a long time that the “eat-calories-on and exercise-calories-off” explanation of weight gain and weight loss was far from the whole picture. (You would only have to compare me and my brother to know that!) But it took me a while to piece together the fuller picture.

Every body is wired a little differently. So different approaches will work for different people. So do your own exploring and investigating. Do your own due diligence. If weight-management is an issue for you, and just in case any of these measures might help you, in the following 10 posts I will unpack some significant adjustments that have worked for me.

The underlying principle of all the changes I have made is something quite simple: Give your body what it needs and it will be healthier. And for a person carrying extra weight, healthier will mean slimmer! Take whatever you find in these posts that is helpful or applicable to you – and enjoy!!