Banned for Dreadlocks…(March 2017)

Caleb Ernst (2)

“NO WAY!!” was my reaction when I read the following post on ‘Sunraysia Daily’ Facebook page. “… Should a school be able to ban a hairstyle?

St Joseph’s College student has been kicked out for his “extreme hair” Caleb is fourteen. His heritage is Nigerian on his father’s side. In a meeting at the school Caleb’s mother explained that this was a traditional Nigerian hairstyle and was one of the most practical ways of looking after her boy’s hair. St Joseph’s school responded to the meeting by suspending Caleb and has told Caleb and his parents that if he returns to the school wearing his hear in dreadlocks he will be expelled. His hair breaches the school’s uniform policy – apparently! Read more

As a teacher, a mother, an African Australian and a maker of AfroShe® hair care products to help people (Africans, people of colour) embrace and celebrate their God given natural hair, it saddens me to hear stories like this.

In showing my support and encouragement to Caleb, I’ve sent him some AfroShe® Hair Care products via the school, which the school has kindly passed on.