Leadership as Masterclass – Acting Workshop with Michael Caine

I don’t like leaderism. By that I mean a tendency to seize upon any people of commitment and capacity we find in our churches and convert them into leaders – by which we often mean deploying them “deputies” in the corporate plan of our churches.

But there is a great deal of stuff outside of running churches and programs that has to do with knowing how to live a Gospel life, and feed from God’s words, and operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. But there is a kind of “leadership” that has nothing to do with control or management. It is a kind of leadership which has honed a skill through constant practice and which has learned to pass it on to others.

In this workshop Michael Caine offers leadership to some budding actors – including Celia Imrie. What he offers is a set of finely honed competencies. Even if you’re not an actor, you may simply enjoy eavesdropping on this set of lessons from a master in his field…