Entering into God’s New Thing…


Sometimes people who are believers in a particular tradition of faith find it hard to believe that God would be in conversation with people outside their tradition!

Christians often pray and work for revival, envisaging that revival as an influx of new people into the churches. What happens when spiritual revival comes and swathes of people awaken to a personal connection with the Spirit of God and divine activity – but do so beyond the confines of institutional or creedal Christianity? Is this form of revival or awakening welcomed or even recognized by the religious structures? History tells us “No!” And it’s a pattern that repeats. 

Jesus’ own Apostles had this struggle too – a struggle memorialised in the pages of the Gospels and New Testament. Entering into God’s new thing may require us to recognize and jump into divine activity outside of our comfort zone, outside of our church and tribe.

Listen in on a wonderful renewal conference at Bateman’s Bay as we reflected on John’s Gospel, chapter 9, and wrestled with exactly these issues. Enjoy…