My Spiritual Roots are in Vineyard: Carol Wimber talks about Vineyard’s Roots (8 PODCASTS)


Me in 2016 with my spiritual mentors David Pytches and Barry Kissell

I first encountered Jesus and began my spiritual journey as a believer in 1982 at St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Chorleywood UK. At that time St Andrew’s was drinking in all it could from the wonderful contribution of the Vineyard Fellowships. Under the leadership of John Wimber Vineyard had nurtured some qualities that made their contribution very relevant to our journey at St Andrew’s church and beyond, and gave us a spiritual formation which, through New Wine and Soul Survivor, continue to impact people around the world today.

The intimacy, warmth and awe in their approach to worship; the gentleness and respect for people in their approach to ministry; the thoughtfulness with which they approached their theology, and the ease with which they modeled engaging with the gifts and power of God’s Holy Spirit – all these were welcome and needed injections into our experience of what, at that time, we called “renewal”.

early vineyard

So when I became a Christian my “normal” was a Vineyard normal – a normal in which bodies, minds and emotions could be healed, and lives rapidly transformed by the words and Spirit of Jesus. It was a normal in which we and the Holy Spirit work in an amazing and wonderful partnership in which we learn to recognize what God is doing so that we can serve Him and join in. Vineyard DNA has been in my blood from that day to this and I am eternally thankful for that start point.

In these 8 podcasts Carol Wimber reflects on what made Vineyard’s roots the way they were. Enjoy…

How it Started:

Worship – For Jesus Alone

The Kingdom – The Already and the Not Yet

Kingdom Encounters – Come Holy Spirit

Giving it Away – Empowered for a Purpose

Remember the Poor – We need each other

What would John say? – God will have his way

Carol’s Encouragement – Loving Jesus