The Great Questions of Life are questions that can unite people across all spiritual traditions. Within the streams of of what Jesus started I find amazing treasures from East to West from Ancient to Postmodern, from orthodox to heterodox, from the official histories and the oral traditions of the faith.

For those with theological questions…

My spiritual life has been deeply nurtured by the theology of the early Christian mainstream which grew from the work of C2nd-C3rd leaders, like Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Origen, Clement of Alexandria, Athanasius, Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa & Gregory Nazianzus. All Christian churches today recognize these people as the key teachers whose work clarified for posterity the central tenets of orthodox Christian belief. To their theologies of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the whole Church is deeply indebted. 

We also owe a debt of gratitude to those whose work won them the label of “heretic.” With the light of hindsight we can see that their contributions also carried vital elements of truth and understanding – elements which would be re-discovered and championed by later generations of orthodox believers, once the heat of those earlier conflicts had past. This number would include early figures like Origen, Marcion, John Cassian and Gregory Palamas in the East; and in the West, Morgan of Wales, Francis of Assisi, Meister Eckhart, Giordano Bruno and Gilbert Shaw. All are well worth a visit if you have a moment. And all have helped to shape my own faith and understanding.

These are the streams you will find running through my teachings from the Christian tradition. I hope you will enjoy with me this river of many streams!