5) Supplements


If you have access to a healthy range of foods, naturally produced you’ll be set. However for many of us our C21st food supply is nutrient-poor. When you walk into your local supermarket, can you smell the oranges and bananas from outside the store? Does the bread “baked onsite” smell of anything at all? Can you smell the apples before you reach the apple aisle? I’m guessing the answer is no. I am so thankful that I am old enough to remember how all those foods are supposed to smell.

Today our foods are not produced as they once were. The lack of aroma is one significant clue. It is a sign that there’s a heap of goodness which ought to be in our food that often isn’t – due to today’s processes of production, harvesting, transportation and storage. That is why some supplements may be needed.

Three supplements that I know make a difference for me are a Cranberry capsule (good for your downstairs) a probiotic to bless your good bacteria and a Vitamin B capsule to help the body process its energy foods.



A few years ago I had a reaction to peanuts that left me 3kgs lighter after two weeks of suffering.  As my body began to heal and rebuild strength I realized I was craving a drink I hadn’t imbibed for years. I wanted a very dry, sharp, apple cider. Since that time I frequently include apple cider vinegar in my evening routine. And I reckon it’s done me a world of good. (For more of that story take a look at the post on this page “Listen to the Body – tap the Unconscious!”