Healing by Intention

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One morning three women come to our healing clinic with chronic needs that their doctors had been unable to fix.

  • Evelyn had a chronic ear infection that wasn’t healing
  • Iris suffered from vertigo which required her to walk with two sticks.
  • Glenda has all but lost the use of her left arm through the effect of a stroke three years previously. It was more than twice the size of her right arm.

Their intention to be healed matched ours to see them healed. We anchored this unity of intention with the modality of speech and the result was astounding…


Healing with intention can be understood from a number of angles. The study of quantum physics is revealing that the behaviour of matter and energy are altered when the consciousness of an observer is introduced. This overturns our modern thinking as to what is sentient and what is non-sentient. Through experimentation on the particle and wave behaviour of light we now understand that there is a sentience or intelligence to light.


Similarly, the study of botanical life and water structure is revealing that the environment of emotion, thought and intention create measurable responses in the physical realm. The filming of bio-photons and the exploration of the body’s electro-magnetic field; these too evidence that all things are connected  via a field, and that each body has a personal field – an electro-magnetic “nervous system” which supports and affects our bodily, emotional and mental function.

In the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures the language for the all-connecting field is the Spirit of God (Acts 17:28), and the language for our own personal field is also the language of spirit.


Just as intention produces quantum responses in particles and waves of light energy, bio-chemical responses in plants, and structural responses in water, so intention impacts the energy and physical aspects of our being.

In the Hebrew book of Genesis the story begins with planet earth having no form, existing only as space. What transforms the non-existent into creation is the introduction of the consciousness (spirit) and intention of God. These then generate creation in the physical realm when God speaks. Everything, from fish to humans to stars, is generated when the “empty” space (what we now call “dark matter”) is re-organized and transformed as divine consciousness forms an intention and expresses it in speech: “Let there be…”

jesus healing

This creative sequence is far more than a philosophical reflection. It is a practice. Jesus Christ, the ultimate healer, once said, “The son can only do what he sees his father doing,” and repeatedly demonstrated the same creative sequence of consciousness+intention+speech in his approach to healing the great many who sought him out. For one example the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke all tell the same story of a man who asked Jesus to heal his leprosy.

When Jesus was in one of the towns, a man came along whose body was covered with leprosy. When he saw Jesus, he fell with his face to the ground and begged him, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

Jesus reached out his hand, touched the man and spoke the words, “I am willing. Be clean!” And immediately the leprosy left him.


This modality repeats many times in the accounts of Jesus Christ’s healings recorded in the New Testament.  According to these accounts Jesus directed his speech to:

  • the person
  • the effected body part (as if it were sentient)
  • spiritual entities and afflictions
  • physical conditions (as if they were sentient)

His outcomes were always healing.


When Evelyn, Iris and Glenda came to my team for healing we reached for this modality of consciousness+intention+speech. Each time we added the modality of placing a hand – on Evelyn’s ear, on Iris’ head and on Glenda’s arm – and then expressed and anchored a healing intention together.

The anchoring of intention can be done in a number of other ways. On this occasion we followed the creative sequence modeled in the practice of Jesus and used the modality of speech. Together we spoke our words of healing to things we would usually regard as non-sentient, doing so as if they could hear, understand and respond. The gist of what we spoke was:

  • Ear, be clear, be whole. Infection leave.
  • Balance, be restored. Vertigo, leave. Normal function return.
  • Arm, be restored. Swelling, go down. Function, return.

hands in praise

Overnight the results were astonishing. The next morning all three women woke up, completely healed. Evelyn went to work, pain free, with her ear as clear as a bell. Suddenly Iris could walk easily and without sticks. And, as she prepared her breakfast, Glenda took herself by surprise when she realized she was cooking, using both hands – something she hadn’t done in three years. When Glenda examined her arm she saw that it had returned to its normal, healthy size!

We follow a divine pattern when we bring our consciousness to a situation needing healing, unite our intention together, and then express it by speaking words of healing. That is why I find great inspiration in the Genesis story, and in the practice of Jesus Christ. It is why the anchoring of intent and speaking of words of healing are central to my own practice.