You really minister to the whole person! (J.A. – ACT)

I really appreciated your wisdom and input. It was spot on. It was healing. (Captain J.F. – UK)

An immeasurable blessing. I will always remember this chapter with happiness. A wonderful garden I enjoyed a long sit in. (D.E. – ACT)

Thank you for your calm, your insight, your warmth and care. God is clearly with you. (A.B. – NSW)

A deep compassion combining leadership with friendship, Paul’s counselling skills are exemplary. (E.G. – High School Department Head UK)

Paul inspires confidence in young people to step out in pursuing their personal goals. [He] has a quiet but affirming…style; encouraging others to explore their potential while walking alongside them.” (D.R. – ACT)

You have patiently developed your heart and mind to be a great instrument. A prophetic edge, certainly, gazing into the hidden things. (C.D. – NSW)

I really appreciate your support and advice…So encouraging. We came away built up. (M.S. – NSW)

Paul’s students come away wiser and deeper. (M.P. Chair of Board – ACT)

You treated me like your best friend every time you saw me. (M.T. – ACT)

I value the input of your advice and wisdom. Thanks for all your very helpful insight and practical guidance. (Captain J.P. – VIC)

God has bestowed many gifts on Paul – [gifts] that only the Father can give! (T.K. – ACT)

So many blessings received from you. (S.P. – ACT)

You have given me a vision of a different way to live. You have given me hope. (J.F. NSW)