FAQs and to Book a Session

Is a healing outcome guaranteed? What has worked for previous clients? 

Everyone’s experience is different and I don’t guarantee any particular outcome. However I would expect to see improvement in any area that we work on, based on the experience of innumerable cases of healing I have experienced to date. All the case studies cited on this page are of people whose healing I participated in directly. In addition the commendations page will give you an idea of what to expect.

Will I feel anything? 

Most of my clients tell me they feel a combination of quietness, peacefulness, warmth, intense heat, the feeling of a gentle breeze or of tingling within the body. Sometimes nothing is experienced during the session, but changes occur in the hours and days immediately following the session. Sometimes the healing and awareness of the healing is immediate.

Can you advise on complementary or medical approaches?

I am not in a position to offer you medical advice as I am not a medical practitioner. For professional advice I will always refer you to your GP, specialist or naturopath. What I will do is share with you approaches and modalities which I have found helpful – both for myself and for other clients – and which you might like to try.

Do I have to believe in something to benefit from an appointment? 

I make absolutely no requirement that you believe in or follow any particular spiritual or faith tradition. You do not even have to believe in the approaches and modalities I use! If the approaches I use deliver an improvement in your physical or emotional health, you will know it without having to “believe” anything. Personally I believe in a Creator-God who loves you deeply and holistically. All the approaches I use, I see ultimately as conduits for the love of the Creator for you. You don’t have to believe anything to benefit from these approaches.

Will I need more than one session? 

Sometimes a healing can be achieved within a single session. For three case studies of instant healings, take a look at the post titled “Healing by Intention.” Other situations will need a number of sessions and some homework on your part. For an example take a look at the post titled “Spiritual Healing.” The decision as to how many sessions is always yours. You’ll know if you would like an additional session, and whether any further sessions are needed or not. And you’ll know when you’re fixed!

How long is a session? 

My normal practice is to work with each person for a session of one hour. 

Do I have to travel to you for a session or can you do sessions over the phone or by video?

Most of the modalities I use are ones that require us to be in the same room. There are some modalities we can use which can be done over the phone or by video. Before booking a session we will assess whether this will be appropriate for you. If an approach is needed that requires proximity then I may recommend that you ask somebody local to yourself. At present I do not travel for sessions other than in exceptional cases.

What is the cost?

4 Elements Healing is a special part of my work as a Personal Coach. As a Coach my approach is to make my time available to you on an hourly basis. We will work out the details of the fee before the appointment. Generally I charge a fee equivalent to that of a natural therapist, physio or osteopath. Concessions are available.

I want to schedule an appointment. What do I need to do? 

Simply fill in the form below and confirm that you have read and agree with the Coach-Client Agreement at the bottom of this page. When we have agreed a time you can confirm the appointment with a payment. Before attending the session, if you have the opportunity, take 30 minutes to relax in a quiet environment and to clear your mind of they day’s issues. It will be easier for us to connect if you can come calm and relaxed. I will look forward to meeting you and sharing in a session together.

I maintain safe-practices for transparency and accountability to ensure a safe and secure healing environment. (eg Police Check, WWVP, WWCC)

To pre-pay a $120 session

For a face-to-face Healing Session (non-concession)


To pre-pay a $60 session

For a face-to-face Healing Session (concession eg health card, pension, special circumstances)


(ABN 79 786 272 780)


The Coach-Client Agreement ensures that the coach sets the right kind of expectations around the coaching experience. It provides both coach and client a layer of reassurance, protection and indemnity. 

A fee of either $120AUD or $60AUD (in special circumstances) has already been agreed and will be paid prior to the session, scheduled for __/__/__ through http://www.paulanthonywallis.com 

To protect both client and coach the client should inform the coach of any medical or psychological issues that could impinge on any advice or matters the client chooses to discuss. 

The coach – Paul Anthony Wallis – is not licensed by any state as a healing arts practitioner and does not provide accredited therapy, diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological condition. 

In conversation the coach is doing no more than sharing his own practices, perspectives and reflections, for the client – – – to evaluate freely for themselves, doing their own due diligence in evaluating and decision-making.

There is no obligation upon client or coach for further sessions. Future sessions can be booked, subject to agreement and availability, if the client desires, at the client’s initiative, at the agreed price of $120AUD per hour with no obligation for further sessions.



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