Healing through Visualization

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When I make healing appointments with people I like to have a good hour up my sleeve to give us time to engage a number of modalities to bring healthy change and healing. But some healings happen on the spur of the moment in the rush of ordinary life.

Last week I was recording my regular radio show. The producer working with me was clearly in pain and was “enjoying” rather  awkward and limited movement in his back. I happen to know that Mel is a guy with a faith background. So when I finished my session I simply said, “Mel, let me just pray for your back before I go.”

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When I say “pray” perhaps the word conjures up an image of kneeling, hands wringing with a “Please, please,” kind of plea to a distant divinity. But what I actually did employed three modalities in quick succession in the space of about 3 minutes. It had to be in the space of 3 minutes because we were in a public area of the radio station. I didn’t want to leave without having reached out to Mel, but clearly we needed to be discreet and swift!


The 3 modalities were:

  • Intention. (See my post Healing by Intention.) When Mel said, “Yes please do!” we were anchoring our intention to take hold of a measure of healing for his back.
  • Guiding the Spirit. Using the placement of two hands and the speaking of a simple sentence I directed the Divine Spirit into Mel’s back. (See my post Guiding the Spirit.)
  • Visualization. This is an approach I have learned from the ancient  Hebrew Scriptures and in particular the story of Abraham.

The story goes that the Almighty promises to Abraham descendants too numerous to count at a point in his life when he and his wife could not naturally conceive. To help Abraham believe and take hold of the promise the Almighty gives Abraham two visuals that impress upon his mind and remain with him until the promise is manifested many years later.


Abraham is shown the stars of the sky and grains of sand on the seashore. And the Almighty speaks the words, “So shall your offspring be.” Abraham’s task is to see, imagine, believe and ultimately witness the manifestation of children and descendants. Which is exactly what happened. Today’s Jewish and Arabic peoples all look to this man Abraham as their ancestor.

For Abraham and his wife Sarah the manifestation waited quite a few years and in the intervening years it would have been vital for Abraham to be able to shift his attention away from the mirror, and onto a visual, whether actual or imagined, which re-evoked the excitement and motivation of the divine promise planted in him.

When we need healing physical pain and anxiety often draw our attention again and again to the problem. In that way our consciousness can settle there and pull us into a state of funk and discouragement. The act of visualizing the desired outcome is a way of shifting consciousness from the problem to the outcome and attracting our physical and emotional aspects to that place of resolution.


So, back at the radio station, rather than offer up a “Please, please” kind of prayer, I allowed my imaginative eye to see Mel, full of health, and joy and enthusiasm, jumping and turning and twisting and dancing – in short exhibiting all the signs of total health and well-being. I found myself beaming as I created this visualization in my mind’s eye. I did this silently for about a minute and then I spoke very consciously and deliberately the ancient Hebrew word “Amen” which means “Let it be! Make it so!” Mel anchored the intention by repeating the “Amen.”

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Mel immediately stood up, swiftly and smoothly, marched on the spot, stretched and twisted around. It was clear straight away that something had changed. “The pain has almost completely gone!” he said. We repeated the exercise and yet more improvement came. Now it was Mel who was beaming! I made a point of following up with him in the week and within two days Mel’s back was the very picture of health and well-being.


Whether this modality is simply an alternative form of prayer, or an alternative way of guiding the Spirit, or a way of sending powerful instructions to a body, might be difficult to gauge objectively. Having learned it from Abraham I can see that it might be all three. Personally though, it is a modality for which I am grateful to God because, whether employed in a healing appointment or as a personal exercise, I find that my mental, emotional and physical state are all lifted when I put this tool to work – even when I can give it no more than three minutes in the busy hallway of a radio station!

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