A Trip to the Eighties…(with a bit of late Seventies for good measure)

performance (2)

In 1981 a team of researchers, headed by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer PhD took two groups of men in their 70s and 80s to a monastery in Peterborough, New Hampshire and immersed them in the musical environment and cultural cues of their 20s. After five days the bodies of the men were younger – structurally as well as functionally. The researchers discovered improvements in height, weight, and gait. They scored better on tests of mental cognition. Langer reported, “At the end of the study, I was playing football—touch, but still football—with these men, some of whom gave up their canes.”

With that in mind, enjoy this playlist I’ve compiled (Vevo wherever possible) of music from my 1980s…

Technically 1990 concludes the 1980’s so we’ll conclude with these awesome guys…


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