My Kate Bush Playlist…

kate bush

I discovered Kate Bush as a schoolboy and was transported to another world by her music. Musically, lyrically, visually Kate took us places nobody else in popular music would take us. Her originality and musical integrity were and still are absolutely stunning. The freshness of her compositions and her unique delivery carved out a niche for Kate Bush which  was international, groundbreaking and iconic.

In 2022 he Netflix Original series  Stranger Things has used some great, iconic 80’s music to establish the period, which the show does beautifully. But Kate Bush’s haunting Running Up that Hill has done more than that. Reaching out through four decades and, amid the melee of 80’s sounds music-bedding the series,  Running Up that Hill has seized the attention of a new generation, who heard it for the first time and asked “Who is that???” Fellow oldies will know what I mean when I say that, as a fan from the song’s first time around, I almost feel like a stakeholder in Kate’s renewed success in the 2020’s! The sound and the message are profound and haunting. So worthy of rediscovery and fresh limelight. Bravo Duffer Brothers! Brava Kate!

Here is a little selection of some of my favourite Kate Bush tracks. Enjoy!

My Desert Island Discs…

Desert Island 1


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