The 1936 Abdication Crisis – Part 10: Four Rare Videos with Interview Footage

For a BBC interview of the period (it was recorded in October 1969 when the Duke was 75 and the Duchess 73) there is a surprising liberty in the the Duke and Duchess’ conversation with interviewer Kenneth Harris, broadcast in 1970.

Note that the first video is heavily edited and so gives a rather awkward stilted feeling. The unexpurgated interview in the second video (audio only) reveals the far more relaxed tone and content of the Duke and Duchess’ full conversation with Kenneth Harris.

Duchess of Windsor at 74

The Duchess of Windsor at 74

Another surprisingly informal moment is captured in the third video – a brief impromptu conversation with the 78 year old Duchess – just two years after the Duke’s death, filmed during a visit to New York in 1974. In the fourth video watch the current Prince Edward’s documentary on his Great Uncle. Enjoy…

PS If you think this is an incredible story you might like to follow the story of George VI ‘s married mistress – the Australian socialite Sheila Chisholm, who on her third marriage ended up as a Russian Princess – therefore related by marriage both to John William Friso and Wallis, Duchess of Windsor!!

Wallis in the 1960sThe Duke and Duchess in America in the 60s

Duke & Duchess in party mood in the 1960s (above top) and 1970 (above)

W.E. – R.I.P.

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