THE SCARS OF EDEN – available for pre-order End of February 2021

2020-11-21 (4)

“There is absolutely no doubt. Our planet was visited by extraterrestrials in the deep past. Exciting. I absolutely recommend ‘The Scars of Eden’”

Erich Von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods)

“Fantastic book! A must read for all of those searching for answers! Paul proves yet again that human civilizations have been visited and influenced since the very beginning by visitors from the stars.”

Matthew LaCroix (The Stage of Time)

“Great art and literature can be transformative, it has the power to change lives and profoundly enlighten. We highly recommend Paul’s extraordinary works of investigation to all those searching for a more enlightened path of living.”

“‘The Scars of Eden’ brings much humility and insight to one of the most contaminated fields of enquiry – C21st Ufology. History will recognise Paul Wallis’ important works as a solid foundation in the true understanding of humanity’s origins.”

Jaimie and Aspasia Leonarder (“The Movie Show” (SBS) “Love and Anarchy” and “Naked World” Podcast, Vice President and Secretary UFO Research NSW.)

Available for Pre-Order end of February 2021 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Walmart, Booktopia and wherever books are sold.

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  1. Robert says:

    Hi I have seeing your part on the cosmos that’s what I have always believed. I think religion is teaching people the wrong way. I mean come to the light , we are one is a big clue.

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