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THE SCARS OF EDEN will take you around the world to hear first hand from ancestral voices, alongside contemporary experiencers and world-renowned researchers. It will shine a light on revelations from the US Navy, The Pentagon, French and Israeli Intelligence will bring you right up to date in examining what has been forgotten and what has been remembered; what has been suppressed and what has been disclosed.


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“Exciting! I absolutely recommend ‘The Scars of Eden.'” Erich Von Daniken

Uncle George2

Tune in and subscribe to  COAST TO COAST AM to hear PAUL in conversation with  GEORGE NOORY as they explore the themes of THE SCARS OF EDEN. Check out the archive for  Sunday night May 2nd 2021 1am-5am (wee small hours of Monday morning May 3rd 2021 Eastern Standard Time.)

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“Thank you so much for your incredible support and encouragement of “Escaping from Eden” and the production of “The Scars of Eden.” I take none of it for granted. I am very thankful and excited to be part of this public conversation about our identity as a species and our place in the cosmos.”


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I was deeply honoured to be the final guest on Matthew LaCroix’s series of interviews, titled MASTERMINDS DISCUSSIONS. I am a great admirer of the quality and integrity of Matthew’s research, writing and presentations. Loved talking with Matthew. Hope you enjoy the conversation…

“Exciting! I absolutely recommend ‘The Scars of Eden!'” – Erich Von Daniken (“Chariots of the Gods.”)


Was the holy name of GOD pasted over ancient stories of entities that were neither divine nor human? If so what were those entities? In other documentaries on The 5th Kind TV we have considered the presence of smoke-belching, fiery technology. Even more mind boggling are the smoke-belching, fire-breathing creatures populating various ancient stories in the pages of the Bible. Were they real or imagined? And why would Yahewh compare himself with them if he was GOD? Prepare for some questions that might stretch your paradigm concerning the memories of our ancestors concerning life on Earth in the deep past. 

“Really easy to follow book written by in an articulate, approachable, and fascinating style on a mind blowing subject”Sivad Rolyat


I love talking with researcher Rob Yox. I love the platform he is building for the exploration extra-curricular themes. Here we probe of some of the central themes of “THE SCARS OF EDEN” with Rob digging into my own journey onto this territory.

“I was ready to put this book on the shelf but before I stacked it away, thinking I’d come back to it in a couple of months, I just quickly read the introduction and…I wanted to find out where this was going. That’s what roped me in! Cheeky b*****d!! He weaves history throughout the book…It’s not an incredibly long book but he manages to pack in a huge amount of research. There’s a ton of stuff in here. I have to recommend it. “ Benjamin Grundy – Mysterious Universe 


Tune in as Australian podcasters Benjamin Grundy and Arron Wright talk about THE SCARS OF EDEN. “Could it be the truth behind the extraterrestrial presence on Earth is hidden in plain sight? We discuss the story of a man who encountered strange entities in his bedroom late one night as a child and then started to see them everywhere. From awkward encounters with Nordic looking alien super models to strategic shopping, nothing seems to make sense…”

NB You will need to be a paid Plus+ member to listen to episode 23:17



In a world awash with hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of advertising, propaganda and disinformation, how do we step back, get a critical distance and think outside the box? My personal journey has been informed by indigenous and ancestral narratives – including those of my Grandparents….



A stimulating conversation, recorded live, with Leonard O’Neill of Orion Rising in anticipation of Chapter 11 of Our Alien Ancestry – Old Ways New Days… 


TaMara has created a wonderful place for mystical and transpersonal explorations on her podcast. In this conversation we explore how primitive Christianity became hijacked, politicized and turned into a slave religion for the state. We also delve into what happens to consciousness after death, the meaning of life and the deeper wisdom within the teachings of the apostle Paul, and Plato. 

“Well written, well researched and difficult to put down.” – William L. Boland


A wide-ranging conversation about our deep past with Aage Nost and Nori Love on their live radio show Broadcast Team Alpha



Neil Gaur, Researcher, Speaker and Host of Portal to Ascension, interviews Paul as part of the Forgery Unmasked summit, sponsored by Paul and THE SCARS OF EDEN  in April 2021.) The summit brought together 28 presenters, researchers and writers from all around the world. With thanks to Omar Faizi and Watchers’ Talk. Here, Paul and Neil discuss Mythology as Visual Memory, Orthodoxy and Empire, Senate Intelligence, Engineering Gorillas, Indigenous History, Education and Farming Wars…

“Love Paul Wallis! [Speaking] as a militant atheist, Paul Wallis is the only minister I’d even remotely give the time of day.”Audrey Price


Really enjoyed my conversation with the amazing and award winning writer, coach and podcaster Michael Lauria of Forging Excalibur. Enjoy…


Check out my conversation with Ralph and Damian on Black Lotus Live about what has driven me from the safe(?!) world of Christian ministry to publish books in the field of ET contact and find out exactly what are the “scars” that I examine in THE SCARS OF EDEN…

“I have learned so much from ‘The Scars of Eden.’ Paul Wallis has written a really fascinating book, and has expressed the awareness of many cultures in such a personable way. I hope this book will be well received and have a large audience! I will encourage many people to read it.”Barbara Lamb – Author, Licensed Psychotherapist


Rex Bear really jumps in at the deep end in this interview with me in the book’s  launch week about some of the disturbingly topical aspects of THE SCARS OF EDEN.

“Fascinating book! A Must Read for all of those searching for answers!” Matthew LaCroix – Author, Researcher


An audio only of Paul’s presentation at the Our Alien Ancestry – Old Ways for New Days online conference (Chapter 11) hosted by Steven and Evan Strong and Lea Kapiteli.  The conference also featured Uncle Alan Parsons and experiencers, Sarah and Austin Doig.

In this presentation Paul asks: “In a time of shift, what stories do we need to help us navigate the world around us and chart a better future? How did Plato answer? What do Zulu, Nigerian, and Greek ancestors have to tell us? What is the relevance of finding Dragons in the Bible or goannas in the Australian bush?”


Have world mythologies, including the Bible, confused the idea of God with ancient ET visitations? And what are the implications for humanity? Here with Paul, we delve Into the Parabnormalin company with Jeremy Scott. 


On June 3rd, The New York Times broke the news of a long-awaited report on military videos of UAP’s — “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon”, a euphemism for UFO’s. The Times shared that the report stated there was “no evidence of alien technology” but could not rule this out either. Was this another attempt at official obfuscation of evidence that would establish, once and for all, that we are not alone in the Universe? What does this say about the diligent work of researchers who have compiled a body of evidence that not only established we are not alone, but that humanity has been shaped and influenced by Extra Terrestrial beings since the beginning of time?

Click on the image below and scroll down to the show for June 10th 2021

Victor Fuhrman


I always enjoy my conversations with JV Johnson on Beyond Reality Radio. This time we’re talking about THE SCARS OF EDEN and asking what difference does it make whether our ancient texts report divine or alien beings. Enjoy…

“The Scars of Eden’ brings much humility and insight to one of the most contaminated fields of enquiry – C21st UFO-logy. History will recognise Paul Wallis’ important works as a solid foundation in the true understanding of humanity’s origins.”Jaimie & Aspasia Leonarder, “The Movie Show” (SBS) “Love and Anarchy” and “Naked World” Podcast, Vice President and Secretary UFO Research NSW

I really enjoyed my time with Jeff on the JeffMara Podcast as we discussed together the implications of Aliens in the Bible…

“Well-researched, exciting, thought-provoking, well-written, easy-to-read, extraordinary! It will very likely challenge you in many ways. Paul explains extraordinary concepts and events in easy-to-understand language. I recommend it highly.” Michael Foster


Enjoy a really wide-ranging conversation connecting ESCAPING FROM EDEN and  THE SCARS OF EDEN with explorations of human potential, channeling, human-animal communication and psychic phenomena on The Angel Rock with Lorelei Potvin on  United Public Radio

“I find myself having the same fantastic dilemma that I had while reading Escaping from Eden.  I can’t put this book down once I start reading! If you’re new to the subject of extraterrestrial contact, especially in our ancient past, this is a beautiful place to begin. I guarantee you will find yourself asking more questions each time you read through Paul’s work. I commend Paul Wallis for all the research and time he has put into this book. It’s a must-read for any of you out there seeking to further your knowledge…” Drew Huymaier


Tune in as we discuss the exo-politics of 2021, questions of the evolution of our solar system, the evolution of the Bible, the interplay of news and “fake news” through the ages – and how it relates to the analysis of history presented in THE SCARS OF EDEN.

PAUK Radio Mark Johnson


Pour yourself a little something, sit back and enjoy a conversation with Lorilei Potvin on The Angel Rock today. We talked about healing, consciousness and exactly what cosmic company humanity might be keeping in this corner of the universe. Enjoy! 

“”As a life long Experiencer, I know all too well the pain [that] those who attempt to tell their stories go through. Paul’s interviews, research and story-telling lay it all out in public view for the reader to experience. Bravo! Highly recommended to anyone searching for answers. Paul has phenomenal abilities telling the long lost stories from around the globe. THE SCARS OF EDEN speaks to the public at large as well, informing and encouraging each reader to stand strong, with open hearts and minds, to allow the truth of our origins to be heard.” – PBT


It was my very great privilege to sponsor this phenomenal summit bringing together 28 presenters researchers and writers from all around the world. With thanks to Omar Faizi and Watchers’ Talk ,this was an amazing think tank… 

Forgery Unmasked

“With the whole day set aside to read it, I…read the whole book in one glorious sitting. Paul has an engaging style and whether you agree or disagree with his arguments, whether the topics are ones you’ve engaged with before or are truly new to you, the book makes for a compelling read. I love my faith and beliefs to be challenged – it makes what I hold onto stronger. I am currently studying theology and for the last year have joked with my fiancée that Paul’s writing and the rabbit holes its led me down, is my ‘alternative’ curriculum. After reading The Scars of Eden, I don’t think there is anything alternative about it. This is theology, philosophy, science, history, call it what you will, that we need to engage with. We need to be open to reading the bible through a new lens and at the very least, listen to the testimonies of our fellow humans both contemporary and through the legacy of the mythologies they have left us with. Couldn’t wait to read it and read it in one session!” Rhian Johns – Theological Student


I always enjoy my conversations with TruthSeekah. This time we explore current disclosures regarding ET contact and explore the fallout for faith and look at the compatibilities and incompatibilities of orthodox faith and engagement with a populated universe…

“Thought provoking, captivating, eye opening! The Scars of Eden is a great read!…So often we like our world to exist in a neatly put together box but the real world is anything but that. We hold on to beliefs because they make us feel safe, and sometimes we do so at the expense of truth. The Scars of Eden challenges it’s readers to seek truth, seek understanding, ask difficult questions and be open to receive the answers. Lastly, Paul takes the time to give a voice to the voices that have been historically silenced and shamed. Well done sir!” Joshua Banks


A wide-ranging conversation about Steven Greer’s announcement this month, paleo-contact, intergalactic federations, international conflicts, Meghan Markle and the declassification processes of 2021. 

The Echo Chamber



I am greatly  looking forward to presenting at this pioneering event at Palm Springs Convention Center alongside wonderful researchers around the world, including Billy Carson, Brian Foerster and Matthew LaCroix. What connects sci-fi, fandom, world mythology and our place and potential in the world today. Come and join in a diverse and creative audience for a collective conversation that will take you places you may not have gone before. 

HGM ad1

“Paul’s research [has] joined up all the dots for me personally, deepened my faith, and helped me to make sense of the very often conflicting narratives of the Old Testament God of wrath and punishment and the one true eternal divine God of the new Testament. The books go way beyond the important works of Sitchin and Von Daniken and are highly readable and easily understood. I thoroughly recommend Escaping from Eden and The Scars of Eden for all those seekers of our origins and a deeper understanding of their Faith. Five stars on all categories. Trevor R Wales – Hypnotherapy Solutions

First Copy of The Scars of Eden1

“Thrilled to be holding my first copy of The Scars of Eden. Once written, a book takes on a life of its own. I am excited to see where this one leads. I hope it’s a good sign that “Scars” sucks me in every time I pick it up as if I had never seen it before – though that could be middle-aged brain! Let me know how you go with it. I am always happy to compare notes with readers who write to me.

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