NEWSFLASH – Escaping from Eden – launched in UK


“‘Escaping from Eden’…Courageous! Gives us a new perspective on the creation and engineering of man.” – Sean Stone – Buzzsaw, Watching the Hawks

Today is a red-letter day! are now selling Escaping from Eden as the book launches in the UK.

I want to thank everyone who is sharing this journey with me for all your support and encouragement in the run up to release day. Please can I ask you a big favour? If you buy your copy within the first three weeks and post a review on the site where you bought the book this really helps the book to chart…

UK Launch

Thank you also for engaging so enthusiastically via – email, FB – and comments on The 5th Kind TV and the Paul Wallis YT channel. As we get to know each other I am really enjoying engaging with you in conversation. Many of you have shared your own experiences and personal research with me – for which I am profoundly grateful. Accordingly I would love for you to be a stakeholder in the sequel – which is in the pipeline.

Meanwhile get a copy or two of Escaping from Eden for friends and family getting stir-crazy in lock-down! I wish you surprising, fun, and stimulating conversations


“‘Escaping from Eden’…this generation’s ‘Chariots of the Gods’…The incredible possibilities of our own existence.'” (George Noory – Coast to Coast, Beyond Belief)

To those of my friends who are devout Christians, and who may be thinking“Wow, Paul’s really lost the plot with this one!” let me say, please feel completely free to draw that conclusion – BUT only after you’ve read the book 😉

Thank once you again for all your amazing encouragement and engagement with Escaping from Eden, the PAUL WALLIS channel on YouTube and THE 5TH KIND TV. Let’s keep comparing notes. I’ll be sure to join you in the comments. And let’s keep sharing the journey!

Health & Peace, Paul


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