Men Behaving Boldly

Men Behaving Boldly

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Men Behaving Boldly
gets to grips with spirituality for blokes – specifically for those approaching and hovering around 30 years of age. For many this moment generates a surprising degree of angst. Reading patriarch Joseph’s story through the lens of personal development, Men Behaving Boldly unpacks issues around masculinity and adulthood for Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials.


After its publication any book takes on a life of its own – completely beyond the knowledge or control of the author – for better or worse! Amazingly and graciously, the Lord allowed me a special insight into this particular book’s life post publication. It happened one afternoon when I attended a lecture at l’Abri in Hampshire, U.K. Seated next to me was a young guy in his late twenties. He was enjoying a period of hospitality and spiritual formation at l’Abri following a major depressive episode. As he shared his story, the young man told me that the critical turnaround moment in his journey – and the experience that had marked the beginning of his recovery – was the reading of a book called “Men Behaving Boldly.”  He asked me if I had heard of it. When I whispered that I was in fact the book’s author, as you can imagine, it was an amazing moment of closure and affirmation for both author and reader alike! What a rare grace and privilege.

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