The 10 Steps to Finding your Soul-Mate


The 10 Steps to Finding your Soul-Mate – Guaranteed!
(Results may vary!!)

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Nothing short of a little gem. The Wallis’ offer grounded, sound, time tested advice on finding lasting and satisfying love while remaining true to your deepest self. Presented in a no-frills, straight forward style, this book leaves abundant room for you to make these guidelines your own. It all adds up to a an inspirational and practical read for both those seeking and those who have found their soul-mate. Eminently readable, wise, and humorous advice on one of life’s great (and rewarding) mysteries. Beny’s Little Bro – Amazon Reviewer

Ten insightful steps presented in a way that is simple and easy to read. I would love to read an extended version. BR – Amazon Reviewer

Great little book! Just perfect for my young adults youth group!!! I’ll┬ádefinitely recommend this little ebook to family & friends as well! I love the honesty and the practicality of it. Cheers! SoHappy – Amazon Reviewer

“I love this book!! Wish I’d had it years ago. Simple, practical stuff that would have changed my life story. I’m happy now, though, to have met and married my Soul-Mate. But I look forward to sharing this book with friends young and old.” Buffalo Bill – Amazon Reviewer


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