Sean Stone – Watching the Hawks, Buzzsaw

Paul is doing a courageous service by looking at the Bible with the perspective of other traditions & religions to give us a new perspective on the creation and engineering of man.


Phyllis Tickle – Publishers Weekly USA

A rich gift…draws us into some of time’s deepest currents. Charming, wrenchingly serious…so worthy of any and every good thing I could say.


George Noory –  Coast to Coast, Beyond Belief

Paul Wallis takes us on a journey that we will never forget. The incredible possibilities of our own existence. 


Prof Dr Ben Witherington III – Asbury Theological Seminary

Paul Wallis provides us with an appetizing model of discourse…at the table of ideas.


Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Where Paul Wallis provides the meat I am happy to provide the gravy.

David Hope.jpg

Most Revd & Rt Hon David Hope former Archbishop of York

I really do admire the tremendous energy and vigour that are a mark of Paul’s ministry…One of the greatest rewards is to listen as Paul Wallis poses all those difficult questions we might have longed to ask for ourselves. We come away enriched and encouraged to expect great things of God in our own lives.

age of truth

Lucas Alexander – Actor, Host Age of Truth TV

A great person. So well-spoken, and welcoming, even when faced with a rather tough, intense or direct question. That’s true professionalism.

Rue Porter

Rue Porter

I have been researching [the] things…you talk about for twenty or so years now, and I find your take or perspective on said topics most refreshing and intelligible. I really enjoy hearing your view on these great and holy journeys. I truly look up to you and hope that you are never silenced! We need voices of truth, hope and enlightenment so much these days….Thank you Mr. Wallis

Laurent Lin

Laurent Lin

Paul Wallis is one of the fearless few who has explored and deciphered many of the ancient books and bibles…in the search for the truth about our origin story as a human species on planet Earth. Connecting more dots than…most human beings…who walk this earth… What me amazes and captivates me the most is how Paul addresses his findings and how he conveys them…in the most calm and harmonious way…Instead of living every day like a “Tinfoil Tuesday…” Paul remains open-minded and…serene with all of this…life changing and mind altering information.

Steven Rowe

Thank you, Paul, for sharing your research and wisdom. You are dealing with controversial matters in such a clear and concise manner, shining a torch-light into the past. Your delivery is brilliant!

Susan Luebbe

Thank you for doing what you do. [It] is life changing.


Joyce Huggett – Bestselling Author

Paul’s refreshing breadth of spirituality restore[s] a much needed sense of perspective .[His words] lightened my sense of desolation…became my constant companion and gave me the hope to carry on.


Man, I love the way you break it down, Paul! Thanks so much!

Oscar Sanmiguel

You are hitting the bullseye addressing the fundamental human questions from a really wide perspective, an universal one. Thank you very much!

Stuart Robinson
Rt Revd Stuart Robison, as Bishop of Canberra & Goulburn

How blessed we have been to have had you [as Archdeacon]. Your work has been exemplary. Many thanks for your diligence, creativity and service.

Rt Revd Trevor Edwards, as Vicar-General of Canberra & Goulburn

The whole Episcopal team wishes to publicly acknowledge Paul’s exemplary service and leadership.


Kirk Delaney & Greg Trainor – National Director and Director of Training – Vineyard Churches Australia

Paul is a good strategic thinker – a steady hand – willing to tackle harder organisational challenges – with a skill-set that includes strong Biblical engagement and a track record of leading groups to navigate difficult transitions.


Rt Revd David Pytches, former Vicar St Andrew’s Chorleywood, spiritual-father to New Wine and spiritual-grandfather to Soul Survivor

[I am] delighted that Paul’s vision, ability and drive for the Kingdom have been recognised.

Joan Hammond

Joan Hammond – Educator

I have followed [Paul’s] career for many years and with great interest…[He is] the most amazing person whom God uses in the most unusual ways to achieve his purpose. I commend him for his courage and tenacity.


I find ancient texts and history fascinating. Thank you for your great work and your delivery of the information is done in a way that makes it easy to listen to and absorb. Much appreciated 😊

Ashley Berridge

A lot of…authors like to complicate things.  I just want to say how easy it is for me to understand you….and I look forward to watching your videos. You have a big thumbs up from me.

Tony Barrett – The 5th Kind TV

Paul is a wealth of knowledge…a very professional author and researcher. This very together family man is the real deal!

Travis Grey

Travis Grey – Worship Pastor, Yarra Valley Vineyard

A really good man and an awesome leader. I can say with confidence that I have grown in my faith as a direct result of [Paul’s] leadership and wisdom.


Barry Kissell – Author & Speaker

Paul has the profound ability to make subjects such as listening to God, prayer, solitude and faith accessible and understandable.

Ramey Zamora

One of the bright intellects, [you] bring all these intriguing, provocative ideas together and do it with rigorous scholarship. Thank you!

tina kennedy4

Tina Kennedy – Pastoral Search Team – Churches of St Barnabas, St Michael & All Angels, Charnwood-Hall ACT

I thank the Father for Paul’s ministry…his grace-filled, calm and Spirit-filled leadership…[and his] attentive ear to the leading of the Lord…The Father has bestowed many precious gifts upon Paul – [gifts] that only the Father can give…Truly a wonderful man of God.


Wardens and Council of St Simon’s Anglican Church, Kaleen-Giralang ACT

Parish Council…would like to say thank you, Paul, for all you have done for us; for your guidance and wisdom, for getting us into a position to know each other and be able to work in a collaborative and inclusive way – and for always leading us by example. You have equipped us with the tools needed to operate in a way that is much more effective and considerate, and have brought us to a point where we are ready to work effectively with a new Minister. Again, thank you for everything.

Holy Covenant.jpg
Members of Holy Covenant, Jamison

Paul brings magnificent expository preaching…bringing Scripture into a modern context…His engaging delivery is enlivening, challenging, and refreshing…With a great ability to wrestle with the deep issues of faith, Paul’s warm pastoral presence combines with wisdom, learning, intellect and humour. …to communicate the Spirit of Jesus.

Mal Prior

Mal Prior – as Chair of the Board of Directors for Unity College Australia

With love and appreciation…we acknowledge our indebtedness to Paul for the wonderful contribution he has made to the life and work of Unity College Australia. We greatly appreciate Paul’s gentle but firm God-ward focus in all his conversations and deliberations. Paul’s students come away wiser and deeper.

Revd. Bill Huff-Johnson – as Anglican Chaplain at the Australian National University / School of Arts – commended Paul

Paul lived out the motto of the University, which is ‘first to know the nature of things’; always initiating ways to dialogue with and ‘accept the other’. He came among us as a writer of books, yet [his] ministry was frequently silent in his being and listening.

st steves.jpg

The Church Wardens at St Stephen’s Church, Kambah ACT

Paul’s special leadership-ability was most necessary at St Stephen’s Kambah. His work was tireless, empathetic, respectful, supportive and effective. He came when the parish was in the process of recovery from a divisive event. Paul…was able to relate to all parties in the parish. [His] proactive…approach…has been a focus in reuniting members of the community, and under Paul’s guidance the parish has redeveloped into a united and vibrant corporate identity…

Paul inspires confidence in young people, encouraging them to step out in pursuit of their personal goals…[He] has a quiet but affirming leadership style; encouraging others to explore their leadership potential while walking alongside them. We have no hesitation in recommending Paul.

Chris Davies – writer for “The Word” – Canberra

Even weeks after interviewing the Reverend Paul Wallis, his presence still resonates in my mind, the believer’s gentle yet firm aura of goodwill and kindness.