Personal Commendations

Paul Wallis provides us with an appetizing model of discourse…at the table of ideas…My advice in regard to Paul Wallis’ entree is the advice God gave Ezekiel: Eat this book!
Prof Dr Ben Witherington III – Asbury Theological Seminary
A rich  gift to the church…draws us into some of time’s deepest currents…charming, wrenchingly serious…serene, superb…so worthy of any and every good thing I could say.

Phyllis Tickle – Publishers Weekly USA

Where Paul Wallis provides the meat I am happy to provide the gravy.
Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
One of the greatest rewards is to listen as Paul Wallis poses all those difficult questions we might have longed to ask for ourselves. We come away enriched and encouraged to expect great things of God in our own lives.
Most Revd & Rt Hon David Hope former Archbishop of York
Paul’s refreshing breadth of spirituality restore[s] a much needed sense of perspective.
Joyce Huggett – Author