Rough Ways in Prayer

The contents were so readable, so practical and at times so profound that I romped to the end as fast as I could. By that time I felt full of hope…It became my constant companion and gave me the courage to struggle on.
Bestselling Author, Joyce Huggett in her foreword for the book
Rough Ways in Prayer is a refreshing read and has found a home on my prayer desk.
Most Revd & Rt Hon Robert Runcie as Archbishop of Canterbury
Each book on prayer brings its own distinctive insights – and this very readable book certainly does – in a most practical and imaginative way. This is not a stuffy book and could be an especial encouragement to the younger generation. I believe and pray it will.
Bishop David Pytches
When “Rough Ways in Prayer” was first published I had long been an admirer of Anthony Bloom (Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh). I admired him for the way he seemed to incarnate the whole of the mystical tradition of the eastern church. In his preaching and in his way of being. His literary input into my life began an amazing and fruitful journey into the great cloud of witnesses. This book crystallizes lessons on that journey.
The late Anthony Bloom
aka Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
So it was that my phone rang one Tuesday morning in Camden Town. “It’s The Met!!” whispered my boarder, who had taken the call in a state of awe. The Met had rung to congratulate me on “Rough Ways in Prayer” and to say how much he admired it. I have no idea how he found me! When I told him that without his input the book would never have taken shape, he answered: “Paul, where you provide the meat I am happy to provide the gravy!” It was a gracious affirmation from God – and from “The Met” – of all that I hope and believe this book carries. The Met was later to offer me his very generous assistance in putting together another little volume, “My Dinner with Anton”! 


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