The New Monastic

available in Paperback and on Kindle


Click here for a Kindle copy for $0.99 US

“Seductive…draws us gently into some of time’s deepest currents.”
Phyllis Tickle – Publishers Weekly (USA)

A gripping and fascinating book. A Great read. We love it!
Tony & Felicity Dale – Senior Editors – House2House Magazine

“…An important piece of work.”
“Parker J Palmer – Educator and Author of Let Your Life Speak

“A wonderful story.”
Randall Neighbour – Director Touch Ministries

BRILLIANT! Very well written. Very inspirational. I just loved the wide range of sources and inspirations…from all traditions and periods of history. Testimony to the quality of this ms: I knew from the first page that we were not the right publisher, yet I still read every page of it. I have NEVER done that before. INSPIRATIONAL!
Robin Parry – Academic Editor – Paternoster UK

Written in an engaging style that pulls you into the story…The New Monastic will broaden [your] understanding of the wide scope of the ways of God…[and] will encourage many to move on from traditional ways of doing church towards a fresh approach.
Bessie Pereira – as National Director OIKOS Australia

This is so fresh – unlike anything currently being published [in] the evangelical-charismatic world.
Richard Herkes CEO Kingsway Publications (UK partner to David C Cook)

This guy can write! It is honest, funny, well-written…and interesting.
Immensely readable and quite gripping.
Ali Hull – Authentic Media UK

Paul’s honest journey of faith even in the most challenging and confronting circumstances is a true inspiration. The New Monastic will both challenge and inspire. Paul’s ability to weave the stories and teachings of people from every era (including our own) to instruct and learn from is an exceptional. He draws you in as a friend and introduces you to the people who have instructed him and then he quietly invites you to learn from them too.
Percita (Canberra)
Stirred me so deeply…
Cpt John Pilcher – Jetstar

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