The SPCK Book of Christian Prayer

now in paperback

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“Not simply an anthology, this book is a treasury…and testimony to two thousand years of Christian tradition.” (Lavinia Byrne)

“Here is treasure indeed: gems from every age, a mine of great prayers. Anyone who uses it cannot fail to be enriched. (David Adam)

“To open this book is to enter into a recreated awareness of the communion of saints; to go beyond the boundaries of time and geography, of gender and race.” (Kate Galloway)

This anthology of beautiful historic prayers will enrich your devotional reading and is a great aid for those seasons when set prayers can enrich our times with God. The prayers are introduced with insights on the life of prayer from twelve contributors:
The twelve contributors are:

Richard Foster, Henri Nouwen, Basil Hume, George Guiver, Anthony Bloom,
Gerard Hughes, Ann and Barry Ulanov, Maria Boulding, Kenneth Leech,
John Bowker, Carlo Carretto and Paul Wallis.


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