The Story of Jesus Generation – pt 4

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Your house and hospitality are like a warm fire in a cold world and I have appreciated every minute of the time spent with you and the warm welcome I was shown every time I visited. (Matthew Torrens)

There are not words to praise the hospitality of the home that taught me how. (Nick Jensen  -Lachlan Macquarie Internship)

I praise God for JGen – a movement in place by God’s calling and appointment. Revd Bessie Pereira (OIKOS Australia).

I see such chaos in the world around me; people just out for themselves. For them happiness is all about money, drugs, possessions, sex. But you guys don’t have any of that! And the way you guys connect and spend time gives me a vision of a completely different way to live. (Julz Faruggia)

Outstanding love and support. (David Joshua Ford)

This[close  community] has been a wonderful blessing…I will always remember this chapter with happiness. A wonderful garden I enjoyed a long sit in. Gratitude more than I can say. (David Edmondson)

You treated me like your best friend. I love the way you share your lives with all involved. M.P.

I cannot thank you enough for inviting me to stay and making it all possible. Thank you for helping me through the heavenly door. W.M.

I would trade everything I have for an inch of what you guys have. T.D.

I was here and it was great! E.B.

Just plain beautiful. Z. J.