2) Fat

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Before making the change in 2009 I had been a slave all my life to cravings for chocolate and ice-cream. CSIRO research helped me to understand that my attempt through all those years to eat “low fat” options had actually sabotaged my weight management. That’s because if you don’t give your body the fat it needs it will crave fat until you give it some! Every time I felt those fat cravings I simply gave my body my favourite kind of fat – chocolate and ice cream!

What my body was actually craving was healthy fat – something all bodies and brains need in order to function healthily. THE VERY DAY I added healthy fat to my diet – in the form of fish oil and flaxseeds – my cravings for chocolate and ice cream stopped.

In my 20s I heard about the benefits of fish oil for weight-management and I asked my GP about it. He said, “You would need to take about 6 ‘daily doses’ a day to make a difference.” Bizarrely I let that piece of information put me off. But in 2009, and now in my 40s, my response was different. This time I said, “OK then, I’ll take 6 a day!”

So from that day to this it is my personal practice to take two Blackmores Omega Daily capsules with every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also added flaxseeds/linseeds (or more recently LSA) to my daily regimen. Since making the change I have had chocolate cravings perhaps half a dozen times in the last seven years. Those were the days when I forgot to take my fish oil!!

If I had only two pieces of advice to offer from my own health journey it would be to add water and healthy fat to your diet. And just watch what happens!