3) Hormones


In mid-life a bloke’s hormones shift. Hormones are the chemical compounds our bodies construct at the brain’s instruction to carry various sets of instructions. A “spare tyre” and an altered body shape are often the result a hormonal shift that occurs in mid-life. (Incidentally, I believe that in the West hormonal influencers in our diets are producing specifically middle-aged type weight gain in more and more young people today. I am increasingly seeing this in Australia. Growth hormone in the food chain is also a concern.)

One of the simplest and healthiest ways of managing the kind of hormonal shift that is normal to mid-life is to moderate your intake of high starch foods and add some LSA to your regime. LSA is ground Flaxseedss (Linseeds) Sunflower Seeds and Almond meal. Every day I find a way of including some LSA in my diet.


Often I will use my Nutri Bullet (IMHO the world’s best blender) to whir up a smoothie of frozen blueberries (also great for your prostate if you’re a bloke) water, fresh (not UHT) apple juice or almond milk, some organic gelatin (for my gut health) and three generous teaspoons of LSA. I also take a magnesium supplement for the same reason. I added this when I hit that mid-life zone and have found it very effective.

Another pattern of mid-life is that the body’s metabolism slows. The processes which translate into energy are altered and decide to store more and energise less. The best way to counter this effect is to send your body instructions to store less and energise more. So in my mid-fifties I have made an adjustment to me weekly exercise regime. Three afternoons a week I make it to the gym on my way to school pick-up* where I am focusing on resistance exercise to support good posture and muscle mass. I also begin every day before breakfast with a sprint on my bike around the suburb, up and down the hills. Both approaches serve to get my metabolism ticking over at a healthy rate. And by delaying breakfast, putting my cardio at the beginning of the day  lengthens my natural overnight fast.

This is helping manage my fat distribution and heightening my energy through the day. 

Thanks to the patterns I describe on this page and the mid-life adjustments to my exercise routine, at 55 I am 14 kilos / 2.25 stone / 31 pounds lighter than when I was 37!

  • Currently I am doing resistance at home on account of COVID-19 restrictions.