8) Remember to Take it Easy

Cat Lounging in the Sun.jpg

Something else that I am now more intentional about is getting out into nature and into the sun. For someone of my skin tone, health professionals now recommend at least half an hour of sunlight a day. Sunlight activates our vitamin D and makes our bodies produce the Beto Endorphins which make a body feel happy, relaxed and less stressed.

As often as I can I get barefoot into nature. We are blessed with oxygen-rich forests on our doorstep. The sounds and smells are calming and help me de-stress in a week full of the hectic rush of a young C21st family. Something about the forest makes me feel embraced and calls to the health and happiness in me. It makes me feel human again. For an explanation as to why take a look at the Healing Power of Forests on my Health and Healing page.

A gentle swim between work and home is something else that I aim to include in my schedule 2 or 3 times a week, purely for the pleasure of doing something on-cerebral, unhurried and relaxing.

But one thing I avoid doing… is stressing about relaxing!!

A lot of my health regime is about stopping doing things that panic or distress the body and doing other things that make your body feel that this is neither a famine nor an ice age – nor an emergency!