8) Sunning, Foresting and Earthing

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For someone of my caramel skin tone, health professionals now recommend at least half an hour of sunlight everyday. Sunlight activates our vitamin D and makes our bodies produce the Beto Endorphins which make a body feel happy, relaxed and less stressed. So I begin my every morning, facing East, stretching and deep breathing in the morning sun.


As often as I can I get barefoot into nature. I am happy to be living in a culture (Australia) that doesn’t frown on barefoot walkers. Where I live we are blessed with oxygen-rich forests on our doorstep. I find that the sounds and smells of the Australian bush calm and refresh me. They help me to de-stress in a week familiar with the hectic rush of a young C21st family. I grew up in the countryside so being in nature makes me feel human again. Recent research has revealed that trees give off pheromones that are healing to human bodies. So there’s another good reason to get into a forest whenever you can.


(For a note as to why forests have been so valued by Benedictine Christianity take a look at the Healing Power of Forests post on this page.)

Each of our bodies and brains is a biological system that uses its electro-magnetic field (EMF) to function. We think, feel and react with our EMF. Birds navigate around the world using their EMF. Dogs know when their owners are about to leave work and come home using their EMF. Being barefoot on the Earth, earths our bodies in the same way that the earth circuit in your house or apartment maintains the health and safety of your  electrical technology. Walking barefoot is a simple way of regularising your body’s EMF and connecting you with the planet’s natural EMF.


A barefoot aerial view on stone surface in the forest

As a bloke of a certain age I recently learned that my brain and the back of my throat use an EMF circuit to keep the throat open and breathing during sleep. This little communications loop becomes all the more important as the back of the throat loosens a little with age. My body’s EMF was being disturbed, I believe, by sleeping only 5 feet from our home’s electricity junction box.

When the EMF is disturbed it can result in sleep apnea. That’s what happened to me. My condition made me stop breathing for up to 37 seconds at a time – every 2 minutes. And I would frequently wake up, coughing, spluttering and gasping for breath. By going barefoot as often as I can and by fitting an earthing mat to my bed I have stopped that pattern completely. My throat remains open. I breathe through my nose and my sleep is relaxing and refreshing. Using the Earthing Mat has made a night and day difference for me. I have friends who have taken these measures for other symptoms including pain management, snoring and migraine.

sleeping cat

For those healthy reasons I like to begin every day, earthed, sunned and relaxed! (Then it’s the school-run. But that’s another story.*)

But one thing I like to avoid doing… is stress about relaxing!! In fact a lot of my health regime is about stopping doing things that distress the body and doing other things that make your body feel safe, happy and at home on the planet.

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(*2020 is throwing up its own challenges with COVID19 restrictions and the kids home from school. One benefit is that our days begin without the panic and rush of the school run. This is helping Ruth and me – and our immune systems. In this challenging time, stay relaxed and healthy 🙂 )