9) Rug Up

rug up.jpg

If you are chronically cold your body may resort to blubbering you up to keep you alive and well. Most people notice a bit of weight gain over the winter months. We tend to be a little less active in the cold and our bodies often crave foods at those times that will bulk us up. So I  have learned to pay attention to the temperatures my body is exposed to from day to day.

Even growing up in the UK I have always felt the cold. Because much of my work is indoors I have to be very deliberate about getting enough natural light and warmth on my skin. In the winter I use my local sauna and steam room to convince my body that I’m living somewhere much warmer. I am not embarrassed to wear a coat. And I now err on the warmer side of attire when sleeping.

If this sounds like a lot to think about it really isn’t. I just like being warm! And I find it works for me.