9) Mid-life Adaptions


In mid-life the body responds differently to toxins can change. In addition, foods which may have been enjoyed happily for decades can begin to generate unwelcome reactions such as trapped wind, indigestion and an irritable bowel such as increased rate of bowel motions, and a feeling of bloating. These can contribute to the discomfort and inconvenience of a middle aged belly.

For me these symptoms arrived in my early fifties (peanut intolerance appeared in my fiftieth year.) I have learned a small number of methods to recognise the signs of these kinds of intolerances. To combat these issues I have adjusted my own regime, cutting out processed sugar, starches such as white potatoes, pasta and rice, and grains such as wheat and corn, and dairy.

I allow myself a weekly dose of ice-cream for family movie night. In place of starches or grains with meals, I have substituted alfalfa and cress, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin, grated broccoli or cauliflower, and in place of sugary snacks I now prefer to snack on nuts and olives.

I have also added dandelion root and juniper berries to about a third of my water intake each day, which supports the body’s processing of fats. This addition decreased my feelings of bloating immediately.

These recent adaptations have taken off 9 kilos of surplus weight in the 5 months and I am feeling very good for it.

20210402_133505 (2)

Paul @56 in 2021

So at 56 years of age I am delighted to be as trim as I was at 45, which I have kept in my mind as my most comfortable and energised physique. As I continue to recognise food intolerances and monitor and adapt, for the benefit of my fellow middle-agers, I will continue to keep you posted.