Personal Coaching

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As I spend time with people navigating the uncertainties of 2018, it’s clear that insecurities and pressures we face today are many and profound. Our search for meaning and well-being is as acute as ever. Achieving security and balance in work, personal life and family life can feel like a never-ending journey. As an ancient middle-Eastern proverb says, “Each new day brings worries all its own!” As true today as it ever was!


All kinds of circumstances can put people into a space where they feel harassed and isolated. Sharing the journey with a coach can help you find solidarity during times of stress and transition, and get better grounded to enjoy being yourself, living your life and changing your world.


Personal Coaching enables you to:

  • Share the journey with a mentor for a season
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Find security in seasons of stress and transition
  • Nurture an awakeness in every area of life
  • Get better grounded in love and well-being
  • Enjoy being yourself, living your life and changing your world


Personal coaching has been part of my life for more than 30 years. My clients have ranged from diplomats to tradies, from senior clergy to social entrepreneurs, and have included psychiatric patients, teachers, pastors and students. Through the years I have had people referred to me through:

  • relational networks
  • businesses
  • pharmacies
  • religious organizations
  • medical centres
  • college and university chaplaincies


I deliver my coaching face-to-face or live online. You can book individual sessions or a course of sessions. The pattern that often works best for people is a 1-hour session once a month. I offer my first session at a significant discount to enable us both to assess whether this pattern of coaching will best meet your needs.

To enquire contact me confidentially on the form below:

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To pre-pay a 1 hour coaching session



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You have given me a vision of a different way to live. You have given me hope.
(JF Electrical Contractor NSW)

I can say with confidence that I have grown as a direct result of Paul’s leadership and wisdom. (TG Housing Officer – VIC)

I really appreciated your wisdom and input. It was spot on. It was healing.
(JF – British Airways First Officer UK)

Weeks later, Paul’s presence still resonates; a gentle yet firm aura of goodwill and kindness. (CD Communications Manager – ACT)

You have patiently developed your heart and mind to be a great instrument. A prophetic edge certainly – gazing into the hidden things. (Political Intern – NSW)

Paul’s ability to speak into people’s lives and to see years into the future is an exceptional gift. (NJ Political Educator, Community Leader – NSW)

Paul’s counselling skills are exemplary. He has a deep compassion combining leadership with friendship. (E.G. High School Department Leader – UK)

Paul inspires confidence in young people to step out in pursuing their goals. (D.R. – Public Servant, Community Elder – ACT)

Thanks Paul. I cherish your advice and wisdom. So refreshing. (KM Musician – ACT)

We have loved connecting with you and have always valued your wisdom, experience and pastoral heart. (TG & MG Pastoral and Corporate Leaders – SA)

I really appreciate your support and advice…So encouraging. We came away built up.(M.S. School Teacher, Pastoral Leader – NSW)

Paul’s students come away wiser and deeper. (M.P. Chair of College Board – ACT)

You treated me like your best friend every time you saw me. (M.T. Student – ACT)

I value the input of your advice and wisdom. Thanks for all your very helpful insight and practical guidance. (Captain J.P. Civil Aviation – VIC)

Paul’s ability to speak into people’s lives and to see years into the future is an exceptional gift. (NJ Political Educator, Community Leader – NSW)

You really minister to the whole person! (J.A. Parent – ACT)

Thank you for your calm, your insight, your warmth and care. God is clearly with you. (Political Intern – NSW)

Thankful for Paul’s excellent support and guidance. (JW & ZW Property Investors – NSW)

So many blessings received from you. (S.P. – ACT)