Personal Coaching

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Personal Coaching will enable you to:

  • Share the journey of life with a Mentor for a season.
  • Deepen the conversation of your life with God
  • Allow yourself to journey with God onto new territory
  • Foster a connection with God that touches the whole of life
  • Freshly ground your life and identity in love and well-being
  • Better enjoy being yourself – “fearfully and wonderfully made”
  • Enjoy expressing the gift of you and serving your world
  • Think and re-think how to perceive, find and enter the life of God more truly


Personal Coaching is especially relevant in times of transition and re-building in your life. Having a Personal Coach will provide you with new perspectives and skills, strengthen you with friendship, courage and guidance in following the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The model of coaching I offer is a form of what some call “Spiritual Direction“. But it isn’t about direction in the sense of being told what to do. Personal Coaching is a process in which exploration and discovery are facilitated and enjoyed together.


I coach only a few people each year. It is a 12 month one-to-one ministry which I deliver face-to-face or live online. Over 12 months we will meet once a month for a 60-90 minute session with a review at 6 months. The first session is always free to enable us both to assess whether this pattern of coaching will best meet your needs.

If you would like more information contact me directly on



Paul’s refreshing breadth of spirituality restored a much needed sense of perspective. (Joyce Huggett – Author)

My first experience of Paul was reading his book “My Dinner with Anton.” He really seemed to get what relationship with God is all about. I respect his movement and praise God for the impact it has had…Paul, I [was] amazed by your gifts even before I had the privilege of being in your church. You have such a huge amount of wisdom and your teaching has always been the most powerful to my heart. Thank you for teaching me that I am a part of God’s big plan, and that he will use me beyond my dreams! (Joel and Saskia White)

Paul has the profound ability to make subjects such as listening to God, prayer, solitude and faith accessible and understandable. (Barry Kissell – Author & Speaker)

Where Paul Wallis provides the meat I am happy to provide the gravy.
(Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh)

Thank you! You are such a blessing. We are pretty young…sometimes it’s a good thing. And sometimes we beg God for years of wisdom! Love you guys in Jesus’ name! (Aaron and Morgan Snow, Texas)

Paul [has a] gentle but firm God-ward focus in all his conversations and deliberations. His students come away wiser and deeper. (Mal Prior – as Chair of the Board of Directors for Unity College Australia.)

I have yet to meet anyone with more wisdom, passion and personal integrity than Paul. His ability to speak into people’s lives and to see years into the future is an exceptional gift. (Nick Jensen – Director, The Lachlan Macquarie Institute)

Paul’s commitment to the care and personal development of young people is exemplary. His understanding of the pressures that young people face is excellent and plays an important part in the quality of Paul’s work. (Neil Curtis as President of the Portsmouth University Student Union)

Paul has a deep compassion…combining leadership with friendship…His counselling skills are exemplary. His rapport is a very rare gift. (Evelyn Gothard – as High School Department Leader)

Paul’s quiet but affirming leadership style inspires confidence [and] encourages others to explore their…potential while walking alongside them. We have no hesitation in recommending Paul. (Wardens St Stephen’s Church, Kambah, ACT)

I do not know anyone with more passion, commitment and personal integrity than Paul. (Will Napier as Principal of the International Bible Institute of London)