3 Great Reasons to Pause – And Hire an Intentional Interim

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As a young seminarian, back in the day, I was taught the old adage, “There is no success without the success of a successor.” It’s a good ethic for a pastor to absorb. But often, the prospects of a new pastor will rest less on the work of the previous pastor and more on the work that churches do – or should do – in the pause between pastors.

The following posts unpack 3 Good Reasons to pause and hire an Intentional Interim – whether for a brief pastoral tenure or a series of consultations. Such a pause is a great investment.

A facilitated pause can help a church deal with various issues in its journey, set the church up with the healthiest preparation for engaging with a new pastor, and enable the church to avoid sowing problems into the new season.

We will look at:

  • Avoiding Binary Thinking
  • Taking a Time Check
  • Avoiding Transference

These posts will give you three good reasons why a pause is really a wise and fruitful investment of your church’s time, paving the way for a better future.