Sean Stone interviews David Icke


David Icke

David Icke is a unique, passionate, fearless, controversial and divisive figure. Since his transition from TV sports-presenter to a prophet of greater consciousness, David Icke has become a compelling and popular speaker. It is very rare that David Icke gets treated to a decent interview. TV hosts tend to latch on to those of his sayings that are the most preposterous on a first hearing and make an Aunt Sally of him.

kerri anne and david icke

Interview as ambush, Australia-style 2019

I feel badly that David Icke’s very worst treatment seems to be at the hands of my fellow country-people in Australia where the interview-as-ambush appears to have become a cultural mainstay. I sympathize with the exasperation of David’s response to that kind of interview. It can be painful and frustrating to watch.


Filmmaker and Media Host, Sean Stone

In this refreshing 2013 interview Filmmaker and Media Host, Sean Stone, allows David to get to the kernel of what he is on about. It touches on the topic of my own book “Escaping from Eden.” What is drawn out in this interview is well worth a listen…

Keep your eyes peeled for Sean Stone’s 2019 interview with me about my book “Escaping from Eden” on the same show, Buzzsaw 20/20. Watch this space…


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