Exclusive Interview with Juan Perez…

Juan Perez – the witness in Witness of Another World

I count it a special privilege to receive messages every week from people affected by my forthcoming book, Escaping from Eden, as I share something of its message on docos, podcasts and interviews. People who have experienced close encounters reach out to me and detail their encounters with vivid recollection. I am humbled by the stories of others who entrust me with their deeply personal experiences. Especially because, time after time, I hear words like these: “I experienced this with my friend when I was a teenager. After we were married I told my wife about it. And in all the decades since I haven’t told another soul.”

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Our society silences people with the promise of cynicism and ridicule. When people choose to scoff at testimonies of UFO sightings or close encounters they say. “Here’s someone who wants their fifteen minutes of fame,” not stopping to realize that in reality people who share their experiences can only expect derision or ridicule. Witnesses and contactees don’t expect to be advantaged by sharing their story. For these reasons I strongly believe we need to listen with far greater respect to those who are willing, against their own advantage, to tell others what they have witnessed.

The large numbers of people who contact me with their experiences – often kept secret for decades – suggest to me that far more of our friends and neighbours have experienced anomalous phenomena than you or I may ever have imagined. The secrecy with which these experiences are often held is a measure of how isolating such anomalous and paranormal experiences can be.

That is why I am looking forward to sharing with you an exclusive interview with Juan Perez, the subject of Alan Stivelman’s beautiful and groundbreaking movie, “Witness of Another World.” Juan is an Argentinian Gaucho in his 50s, whose life was changed by a close encounter when he was 12 years old. The movie explores the impact of this encounter on the course of Juan’s life and follows Juan and filmmaker Alan in a journey of healing. Last month it was a pleasure for me to interview Alan about the making and the meaning of the movie.

But what has happened since? Are the connections Juan found between close encounters and ancestral memory relevant for Argentinian Gauchos only? If not, then what is the practical relevance for you and me? Check out my exclusive interview with Juan Perez here…

The Interview


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