Coast to Coast and other media events

George-Noory-nice shot

I am greatly looking forward to talking with George Noory for two hours on his huge show Coast to Coast on Tuesday night. (Technically it’s 3am – 5am American EST Wednesday 19th morning. )I admire George and love that his show is keeping conversations alive on topics that the mainstream often shies away from. I first discovered George on his Gaia TV show Beyond Belief and I count it a privilege to have George’s name and endorsement on the cover of Escaping from Eden along with actor and media host Sean Stone.

You can listen live here

As I speak and appear on other shows it continues to amaze me how informed and engaged many listeners and viewers are on all the questions of human origins and human potential that are explored in Escaping from Eden. I love the company of other writers, broadcasters and researchers who are earnestly out there seeking the truth and reaching for a better way of being human.

I hear people speak of the “new economy.” We are in an era when big political structures, big media and even our countries’ macro economies are leaving a lot of us out. This is a time when people are learning to help each other, working for one another, not through patterns of employment, but by peer to peer collaborations and exchanges, creating new small economies in which we benefit one another. This is exactly what I am finding as Escaping from Eden opens up new pathways for me in my work.

Watch this space for news of collaborations with my friends Tony Barrett of The 5th Kind TV (on YouTube)  and Alan Stivelman of Humano Films. Some other exciting collaborations in the pipeline too.

THANK YOU for following my work. I appreciate every message I receive, sharing personal stories and questions and encouraging me in my own explorations and research.

Please use the form on the Book Paul for an Event page to let my office know if you would like to book me for an event. I’ll post my itinerary of events on that page too.

Here are some dates coming up…

  • Coast to Coast with George Noory – Wednesday February 19th 3am – 5am (EST)
  • Paranormal Soup with Jason Bland – Sunday February 23rd 11pm – 2am (EST) (EST)
  • Into the Parabnormal with Jeremy Scott – Tuesday February 25th – 6pm – 9pm (EST)
  • The Jim Harold Show – Thursday Feb 27th – 1:30pm (AEST)
  • Beyond Reality Radio Show – Monday March 2nd – 00:00am – 2am (EST)
  • X Zone Radio with Rob McConnell – Thursday March 5th – 00:00am – 1am (EST)
  • Glitch in the Code / Ickonic – with Richard Willett – Saturday March 7th – 05:00am (EST)
  • UFO Research NSW – “Escaping from Eden” Book Launch –  Sydney Australia – 1pm Club Burwood, 97 Burwood Road, NSW

EST = American Eastern Standard Time

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