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My journey of faith began in a powerful, personal encounter with Jesus in 1982 at St Andrew’s Chorleywood, UK – an Anglican (Episcopal) church in the UK. Theological training in the UK and Brazil kicked off a journey that has taken me around the world, from the UK to Australia as a Chaplain, Church-Planter, Ministry Companion, Church Consultant, Intentional Interim and Archdeacon. More fundamentally I am a husband, a dad, a mentor, a musician, a story-teller, a pilgrim, an author, a seeker after truth and a barefoot runner.

Personal Introduction


Personal Commendations

Personal Commendations contd.

My Top 20 – People who have influenced me

My Top 20 Books…(books that have influenced me…for the better)


Just for your listening pleasure…(personal playlist)

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “You’re Always”

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “Lord of Grace”

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “Hide”

1999 Jana Lynne-White “Speak Easy” interview with Tina Turner

A Favourite Tina moment from “One Last Time” – 2000

Jumpin’ Jive 1943 – Cab Calloway & the Nicholas Brothers (just because!)

James Brown – Rome 1971 – Soul Train 1974


Ruth Wallis & AfroShe

Introduction to AfroShe products

AfroShe – freeing the ‘fro

Celebrating a Brave Girl’s Stand (September 2016)

Banned for Dreadlocks…(March 2017)

“We were told that our hair ‘doesn’t represent the school.’” (March 2017)

# TEACHINGS FROM THE CHRISTIAN TRADITION (posts & podcasts) – a brief intro…

Becoming a Christian

Yarra Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Teaching at Yarra Valley Vineyard

Building the Kingdom and Building the Church are both good things. But they’re not the same thing!

Beauty, Sex and Babies, and what Augustine got wrong…

God Loves People and Places

Everything we Need for Today


Angels – Part 2

A Better Telling

A Little Ritual

Obedience and the Blood of Jesus

The Power of Group Life

Simple, Bold, Persistent Prayer

Simple, Bold, Persistent Prayer – Part 2

Healing, Praying in Faith, & Fasting

Giving & Tithing – a personal perspective

Listening to God – a theological basis

Learning to Hear God Speak

PODCAST – How we handle the Bible

PODCAST – Times of Change

PODCAST – Entering into God’s New Thing…

PODCAST: Are you Grading yourself or Grounding yourself in God?

PODCAST: Art, Performance and the Spirit of Pentecost

PODCAST: Leadership as Masterclass – Acting Workshop with Michael Caine

A Time to Lament

Slow Food and Jesus

Why posts about what you had for dinner are important

Leaders – Experts or Companions?

Women’s Leadership & the Bible

Poverty and the Gift of Delight

Jesus, the Shepherds, the Wise Men and…Santa??


(or how we bring the love of Jesus to people in the Gospel way)

The Four Steps – Part 1

The Four Steps – Part 2

The Four Steps – Part 3

The Four Steps – Part 4

The Four Steps – Part 5


My Spiritual Roots are in Vineyard: Carol Wimber talks about Vineyard’s Roots (8 PODCASTS)

Five Step Model for ministering with Healing (PODCAST)

Saying Thank You to St Andrew’s Chorleywood

Vineyard and the Avoidance of Hype

The Heart of Vineyard Worship – No Small Gift

Vineyard’s Vital Debt to Quakerism

SHARING THE JOURNEY – A three year conversation with a brother in the Gospel

Sharing the journey with Aaron Snow pt1 (Ministry & Life’s Seasons)

Sharing the journey with Aaron Snow pt 2 (And What is Church?)

Sharing the Journey with Aaron Snow pt 3 (Vocations & Priorities)

Sharing the Journey with Aaron Snow pt 4 (Fundamentals and Unity)

Sharing the Journey with Aaron Snow pt 5 (Church and Kids in 2016)

Sharing the Journey with Aaron Snow pt 6 (Non-negotiables and Tree Changes)


Living Organic Church – a conversation with Molong Nacua in the Philippines

Cosmology and Theology pt 1

Cosmology and Theology pt2

On the wisdom of cats

Out of the Mouths of Babes – some wisdom from my kids…

Rare Interview with the Duke & Duchess of Windsor

An Empowering Experience – an interview for “The Word” – a Canberra journal in 2008. Interviewer Chris Davis