About Paul

I first met with Jesus in 1982 at St Andrew’s Chorleywood, UK – an Anglican/Episcopal church in the UK soaking in everything that John Wimber and Vineyard were bringing to the renewal happening at that time. Through more than 30 years in ministry I have carried that spiritual DNA on a tour of the churches and around the world in my journey with Jesus.

Personal Introduction

Yarra Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Teaching at Yarra Valley Vineyard


Personal Commendations

Personal Commendations contd.

My Top 20 – People who have influenced me

My Top 20 Books…(books that have influenced me…for the better)

Just for your listening pleasure…(personal playlist)

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “You’re Always”

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “Lord of Grace”

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “Hide”

1999 Jana Lynne-White “Speak Easy” interview with Tina Turner

A Favourite Tina moment from “One Last Time” – 2000

Jumpin’ Jive 1943 – Cab Calloway & the Nicholas Brothers (just because!)

James Brown – Rome 1971 – Soul Train 1974

Healthy Stuff – 10 Personal Lessons in health and weight management.

The Healing power of Forests


Ruth Wallis & AfroShe

Introduction to AfroShe products

AfroShe – freeing the ‘fro

Celebrating a Brave Girl’s Stand (September 2016)

Banned for Dreadlocks…(March 2017)

“We were told that our hair ‘doesn’t represent the school.’” (March 2017)

Out of the Mouths of Babes – some wisdom from my kids…

Rare Interview with the Duke & Duchess of Windsor

Cosmology and Theology pt 1

Cosmology and Theology pt2

On the wisdom of cats

Becoming a Christian

An Empowering Experience – an interview for “The Word” – a Canberra journal in 2008. Interviewer Chris Davis