Wallis Family by Saskia White.jpg

The Wallis Family – portrait by Saskia White

20210402_133505 (2)

Paul in 2021


Caleb and Ruth, admiring our favourite bit of the Bass Strait



Caleb beach97




Hugo at 11 months


20211004_160107 (2)



Christmas 2020 / New Year 2021


On Holiday at my mate Tim Turner’s beautiful hotel in West Coker, Somerset – 2016

Daddy and Caleb

Caleb and Daddy in discussion – March 2020

our old place (2)

Our old place in Victoria’s Yarra Valley


This White Rhino, guarding her calf, charged me and my family while exploring the bushland of Zimbabwe. Fortunately she changed her mind before we came to blows!

air rhodesia (2)

I love these old DC3s – similar to the plane we emergency-landed in at Lusaka airport when I was 16. Everyone in the terminal building came out to watch us crash. Instead we landed safely and the pilot was carried shoulder high into the airport where we celebrated still being alive and well with a crate of champagne!

victoria falls 1

Me with Mum and Mark, getting ready to fly over the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe ’81

victoria falls2

Flying over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe – December 1981


Meeting Bobby Moffat’s protege, Dr Livingstone –  Zimbabwe in 1981, I presume!

2020-03-15 (13)2020-03-15 (17)

Filming in the Australian bush in 2020…


…and in 2021

2020-09-17 (3)

In conversation with Erich Von Daniken in 2020

Ramon and Erich

Ramon and Erich preparing for a conversation in 2021

Paul and Lionel

In conversation with Lionel Friedberg in 2021

2020-10-30 (8)

In conversation with film-maker James Fox in 2020

Paul Barbara and Mary

Talking with Mary Edwards and Barbara Lamb in 2021

tony and dave

Tony Barrett (right) – my great friend & collaborator – the pioneering creator of The 5th Kind TV – pictured with his brother Dave Carroll (left) at the Awakening Conscious Life Expo in Manchester UK – 2019

2020-10-19 (6)

Evie and Daddy, filming on the NSW South Coast in 2020


Sassolungo and Sassopitatto.jpg


Sassolungo and Sassopiatto – enjoying a skiing holiday in Ladin-speaking Ortisei in the Italian Tirol with my great friend Jez. A wonderful refreshing time and an amazing place full of history and beauty. Thank you Jez! Forever thankful 🙂 (2003)

Valere Castle in hill in Sion Valais Switzerland

Wallis – home of my French-Swiss ancestors

srinagar building (2)

Srinagar (2)

dal alke

alif laila door (2)

alif laila

alif laila dining room (2)

sri nagar

lake dal sri nagar (2)

Srinagar, Kashmir – including “Our” Houseboat – the Alif Laila –  where my parents, brother Mark and I spent some very happy days in 1976. This is the houseboat we shared with Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi – though not simultaneously!


Enjoying the Taj Mahal with Mum and Mark in 1976


Auntie Elizabeth and “Chengwa” aka Revd S.T.Akunor – Bible-translator + Senior Editor of the Dangbe translation of Bible & – equally important – Ruth’s Grandpa!

Paul's dad and aunt Shirley

Paul’s dad and aunt Shirley, feeding the pigeons in London’s
Trafalgar Square a couple of years before the outbreak of WW2

Favourite American Cousins.jpg

Favourite American Cousins, Dora, Enoch and Hannah


Kwame Nkrumah succeeded Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State of Ghana. Both he and my paternal grandfather Joseph Traugott Sackeyfio studied at University College London and Grays Inn. Nkrumah became General Secretary of the United Gold Coast Convention – the political movement for Ghanaian Independence. In 1957 he became the final Prime Minister of the Gold Coast under British rule and then the first Prime Minister and President of a sovereign Ghana, having led the country to independence.

Lt Col Henry W A Sackeyfio (2)

great uncle henry kofi sackeyfio (2)

In 1948 there was a student demonstration in Cape Coast. They were marking their solidarity with six executives of the United Gold Coast Convention, who had just been arrested. The UGCC was campaigning for Ghana’s independence. The authorities of St Augustine’s College and Mfantsipim School responded to the student demonstration in support of the independence movement by expelling 150 students – along with a number of teachers. Kwame Nkrumah responded in turn by founding  a new school with his own money,  the Ghana National College. To create the  new faculty Nkrumah gathered his four most valued comrades in the world of education – three from St. Augustine’s College and one from Mfantsipim School. The comrade from Mfantsipim  was my Great Uncle, of blessed memory, Henry “Kofi” Sackeyfio.


Skydiving in 2000, 14,000 above Picton NSW

Colorful colonial houses in Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia in Brazil – where, at the Ecumenical Seminary, I delivered a lecture in Brasileiro-Portuguese on the topic “The Theological Climate in Britain.” 3 months prior my only sentence in Brasileiro was “Hello, No, Yes, Goodbye, Thankyou!” So I was happy to be able to lecture, take Q&A – and have the students laugh at my jokes! A very happy memory from 1989.






In 1987 and 1989 I spent a very happy 4 months in Amazonia as part of my theological formation. There I was privileged to learn from the monastic catalysts of Brazil’s “ecclesiogenesis” (a word that connotes grassroots organic forms of church, active political engagement, & holistic community transformation!) Enjoyed a significant time at IPAR in Belem, Brazil in 1989 – Among other things, IPAR trains and supports catalysts of Brazilian Base Ecclesial Communities. Read more in my book “The New Monastic.”

Click here for the Facebook page for IPAR

dom helder camara (3)

Visiting Dom Helder Camara in Recife, Brazil in 1989

NangaParbat (3)

nanga parbat horse

Nanga-Parbat-from-deosai-entrance (3)

nanga parbat on horseback (2)

Horse Trekking in 1976 at Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas with brother Mark and Mum in 1976. Nanga Parbat is home to an infamously deadly mountain and the highest golf course in the world!

Picture by Ruth at Booroomba Rocks in 2005 in the month we got engaged



A Jesus Generation River Baptism – at Point Hut Crossing ACT in 2007


Paul and Ben at Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary – 2017

Valley of the Kings

giza (2)

sphinx (4)

me in red sea 1988 (3)

Spending time in Egypt with my dad in 1988, visiting Giza with its Pyramids and the Sphinx – trekking in the Valley of the Kings and Luxor – and, above, Crossing the Red Sea

Conferencing in 2020 (2)

Conferencing with Steve and Evan Strong, Bob Newton, Lea Kapiteli and Solreta Antaria in 2020


Visiting with David Adam on Lindisfarne in 1992


Visiting Mont St Michel with Ruth in 2006

Exploring France.jpg

Paul & Ruth, on the ramparts of Saint Malo – France – 2006


Ruth at Saint Malo in 2006

La Rance, Dinan

The River Rance, Dinan, on holiday in France – 2006

16 foot portrait

At the 16 Foot Sailing Club, Belmont NSW – The Wallises and the Narteys -2019

england wallises 16 (2)

Young Wallises with Uncle Mark, Grandma and Grandpa Wallis in the UK in 2016

wallises narteys 2011 (2)

With Nene, Maa and Auntie Grace Nartey in 2011


The Family in 2021

Us and Auntie Mary

Ruth, Paul and my Aunt Mary on the Gold Coast in 2005


Paul and Caleb – Celebrating New Year 2018

back from golf

Coming back from golf with Caleb – 2021


Sitting at the feet of an inspirational futurist – Graham Cooke 2017


Home 2003-2009 -The Lanyon Valley – Australian Capital Territory…

booroomba rocks (2)

corinforest (2)

Corin forest


…Corin Forest and the Corin Dam, just nearby, were my thinking places at that time.


Evie and Ben, exploring a park in Canberra in 2012

grand canyon

In Arizona with my lifelong friend Tim Turner, trekking in the Grand Canyon – 1974


Enjoying the Sierra Nevada in 1980

Yosemite (2)

jellystone2 (2)

Dad, Mum and Mark and me, touring Yosemite & Yellowstone Park in 1980


Go-karting in the Laurentiens, Canada in 1982

wynton again

Between the ages of 17-19 Wynton Marsalis and I bore a very close resemblance. So close that I was twice stopped in the street and asked for my autograph. I tried to convince the girls asking me that I wasn’t Wynton. But we did look the same. We dressed the same, had the same range of facial hair configurations, same-looking suits, even the same specs – most of the time – same flat cap – all by coincidence! I told “my” fans that I would be signing as Paul. The girls just laughed and said, “We understand. That’s fine!!” It was hilarious!! Sadly Wynton has aged…better than me!! Good on him!!


Speaking at the Australian Anabaptist Conference
on the subject of the “New Monasticism” – 2009

Paul and Ruth1

Paul and Ruth enjoying a favourite beach on the Bass Coast 2018


Holidaying on Victoria’s Bass Coast in 2018






Enjoying our favourite bit of New South Wales’ Nature Coast in 2019…


20201015_163039 (2)

20201015_163010 (2)

20201015_163145 (2)

20201015_173243 (2)

…and in 2020…





…and in 2021!




20200704_164435 (2)



20210314_120639 (2)




Happy Special Birthday Ruthie

Enjoying life in Canberra – 2019, 2020, 2021…





20210907_161053 (2)

20210516_160033 (2)

20210516_161624 (2)


This morning




20211002_170038 (2)



20210907_162140 (2)








Beautiful Morning




todays walk




20210508_133600 (2)

20210907_161955 (2)


20211024_180536 (2)

20210620_122201 (2)




20210508_133619 (2)

Evie reno




20210911_174157 (2)

Enjoying life in our Beautiful Corner of New South Wales – from 2021


Evie, acing the flying fox at school camp – November 2016



New Year 2019, blessing and farewelling our beautiful part of Victoria, Australia

Paul and Ruth at the Reptile Museum

Lunch in the Australian Capital Territory – 2019


Surveying Canberra – 2019

Ben preaching.jpg

Ben preaching to the crowds in 2014

arriving-on-the-coast2 (2)

Arriving on the New South Wales South Coast with my Baby Girl – April 2009

The Basin

Catching a neighbour, fishing near our home at St George’s Basin, New South Wales, Australia – 2009-2011

thoughtful spot

Enjoying my favourite thoughtful spot in 2010

Ruth and Maa

Ruth and Maa in 2009

piano lesson

Piano Lessons in 2015 with Ben and Caleb

Louis Armstrong to Grandpa

A note to my Dad (yes, that’s not Caleb above!) from Louis Armstrong. Nice!!




san gimignano

san gimignano centro



I have spent two very happy months of my life to date, touring Italy. It deserves a far longer stay! In 1971 Rome, Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii blew my young mind. In 1984 I spent a very happy month experiencing the life and cuisine of of Firenze and the surrounding region. In 2003 Ortisei, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano were great revelations for me and, above, enjoying a moment back in romantic Roma. Just in case you didn’t know (take a look at the picture above) this is how police stop traffic in Rome. Check those shoes! Works though!





Forest pathway, cloister, refectory entrance and sanctuary of the Community of the Servants of the Will of God – an Anglican community in East Sussex, England, following the Rule of Benedict, steeped in the theological and spiritual heritage of the undivided Church. From 1987-2004 CSWG was for me a place of rich hospitality,  renewal and mentoring from Fr Superior Gregory Dudding – a great supporter of JGen(You can read an homage to CSWG in my book “The New Monastic”.)


Druid’s Garth – my home in Bathampton, Bath UK from 1984 to 1990

performance (2)

A rare public performance in Bramcote, Nottingham 1989,
dueting with guitarist and theologian, Tim Hull


A rare public performance to an appreciative audience in Canberra in 2011

2017-05-28 14.07.39 (2).jpg

Ruth – the genius behind AfroShe


Archdeaconing for the Anglican Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn 2013-2016

Ruth with youth.jpg

Ruth, speaking to the youth at Yarra Valley Vineyard – August 2016


Teaching at Yarra Valley Vineyard – April 2018

teaching the youth at YVV

Teaching the Youth at Yarra Valley Vineyard – June 2016


A privilege to honour two wonderful mentors – David Pytches and Barry Kissell at the Ichthyans Reunion at Andrew’s Chorleywood (UK) – 2016


With Phil Steer and Richard Hayes at St Andrew’s Chorleywood
fpr the September 2016 Ichthyans reunion

Ruth 2019

Ruth in 2019

BC17 (2)

Evie – model

fann street (2)

My home in London in 1985 when I began in ministry – Fann Street YMCA – such a wonderful and fascinating place to live!


Mount Evelyn, Victoria 2009 – speaking on intentional community at the bi-annual Convention of the Anabaptist Association for Australia and New Zealand

wallises and benners

In 2019 with four of our most favourite Victorians – the awesome Benner Family

Evie and Trees

Evie’s first encounter with trees at Mount Evelyn, Victoria in 2009


Evie & Daddy, walking in Huskisson in 2010


Running around the Yarra Ranges, Victoria in 2018


A favourite prayer spot in Victoria: 2016-2019

2020-05-31 (2)

2020-05-31 (3)

More Filming in the Australian Capital Territory in 2020

My Dad in action in 1985 – helping Greek aviation security after a major incident (the sound comes in around 3:57)

jordans-and-wallises2 (2)

My brother Mark and me with my Gran & Gramp, Rita and Fred, in 1978. In 1926 at the time of the General Strike, my Gramp left the pit at Brynmawr and walked the 250km from his homeland in Wales to West Wycombe in England, looking for work. My political convictions are rooted in my grandparents’ story – a belief in social costs, a concern for regions, for those forced to leave their homelands, and for the interests of ordinary working citizens to be democratically represented.

Tony Benn

From 1994 to 2004 I was privileged to meet and correspond with British MP Tony Benn. Tony Benn was a “conviction politician” whose steadfast principle was the representation of the ordinary working people of his constituency and of the country. I was very blessed  by his warm and generous personal interest and his encouragement of me personally through that period. Tony told me that while he eschewed what he called “the mysteries of religion,” he was open in his pursuit to apply the teachings of Jesus in his politics. The older I get the more I understand what he meant. Tony has influenced my preaching, my politics and my parenting. Vale Tony! RIP!


prayer spot.jpg

Local Prayer Spots – Victoria, Australia – 2016-2019

morning prayer time.jpg

Early morning prayer time – August 2017


Evie taking some Morning Tea


Ruth at breakfast


The Kids – Christmas 2017


Happy Birthday Lunch @ Rochford VIC – 2018


viewfrom the road



20180116_130640 (3)



Local scenes – Victoria, Australia – 2016-2019

Dad by Evie

Sunning and earthing in a favourite bit of Victorian bush, 2018 (ask me about my animal companions on this particular walk – the echidna, the mountain pygmy possum, the monitor lizard and the two swamp wallabies…) Photo by Evie – 2019

dont get too close.jpg

Evie, protecting Ben from a local Quenda at “our” Alpaca Farm in Gruyere, Victoria, Australia. Here we lived in a farm-shed for two months when we made the move. Happy memories!


The Family Wallis – July 2017


Piano Lessons in 2005 with Brendan and Christopher Van Der Spek

fulwood boys.jpg

Two of my most stellar guitar tuition graduates – Kane & Mark Fulwood,
pictured here in Western Australia accompanied by three of their female fan-club.

20211008_114518 (2)

20211008_114433 (2)


Our place on a summer’s day (top) and Paul’s mum (mid) negotiating a mid-winter’s morning at our family home (bottom) in Pointe Claire, on Montreal’s West Island, Quebec – 1981-1990


First steps cross country skiing in our backyard, Pointe Claire, Quebec – 1982


Pointe Claire, Quebec, 1985 (photo by my Dad)


View from our apartment – downtown Montreal 1981


A winter’s walk on Mount Royal, Montreal 1981


With my mum and brother Mark, relaxing in Constantinople – 1985


Visiting Turkey in 1985. This is the amphitheatre in Ephesus where the Apostle Paul’s preaching provoked a riot. And given the high-tech design of Roman amphitheatres it must have been loud! Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology demonstrated that limestone seats in Roman amphitheatres created a sophisticated acoustic filter which carried the sounds of instruments and voices all the way to the back row. Clever engineering eh!



Us, enjoying the happiest of days…

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat where we spent the first half of our honeymoon. Gorgeous! Beautiful! A high recommend!


The Wallis family at my mate Tim Turner’s hotel in West Coker, Somerset – 2016

first Australian tour.jpg

Currumbin Animal Sanctuary on my first Australian tour – January 1999


Creator of the Chronicles of Avonlea, and Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery would be proud of the influence she has had on Ruth. In spite of all Ms Montgomery suffered, her literary work is steeped in a profound love for people, for redemption, for creativity and education. Through her writing, all of those values (driven by her Christian faith) have powerfully inspired and shaped Ruth’s life and work.

.basin view baptist.jpg

Ruthie, speaking in 2010 at Basin View Baptist Church
about the wonderful ministry of MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers)


favourite beach

Evie on the beach

Evie on our favourite beach on the Nature Coast – New South Wales , Australia – 2010

our beach

And with Daddy and Ben in  2013

Caleb beach6

Caleb beach999

Caleb beach9995

Caleb beach994

Caleb beach3

Caleb beach93

Caleb beach996





Cape Schank Sunset

Enjoying our bit of the Bass Coast – Victoria, Australia – 2018


Caleb and Evie, enjoying the pool at Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia – 2018

t3 (2)

Tennis at Mount Buller, Victoria, Australia – 2018


Blacksmith’s Beach – Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia – 2019



20200128_160747 (2)

On the beach at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia – 2020


On a JGen Retreat in Braidwood, New South Wales – 2005 – picture by Daniel Ford


Little Evie with David Ford – 2009


Grandpa (Paul’s dad) with little Evie in 2010


Grandma and Grandpa with us at the coast – Christmas 2010


Ruth and Maa (Ruth’s mum) – with us at the coast Christmas 2010


Ruth, Evie & Paul – Christmas 2009


Paul, Ruth & Ben with Anthony & Kay Brown
(Ant is one of Paul’s 40 group house graduates – class of ’93!)

Ant and Phil

My best mates and soul-brothers, Ant and Phil. Ant is one of my group-house grads and I have known Phil since we were 7 – and we’ve shared the journey ever since!


Sunning and earthing in a favourite prayer spot in New South Wales –  2010

Christmas 2010.jpg

Celebrating Christmas with new baby, Ben at St George’s Basin – Dec 2010


Joint Birthday Party for Evie and Ben, Canberra 2011


One of my favourite 12th century pubs – this one in Chalton, Hampshire, UK


The frescoes on the interior walls of Idsworth Parish Church, near my Portsmouth home. It’s typical of ancient English churches prior to the Republic. Cromwell’s servants whitewashed over the kind of art which had attempted to anchor English feudal order with the authority of Jesus and the Apostles. I get why Cromwell did it, but it’s still nice to catch a glimpse of some of the artwork!


In the UK with fellow Bath University Students and assorted mammals in 1984

Street-Preacher Paul in 1987

Me and my Groomsmen

Me and my Groomsmen


With Ruth’s Mum and Dad, celebrating Ruth’s BEd Graduation in 2004

Ant and Paul

Paul and Ant around 2009

bridal waltz

Bridal Dance in 2005


My great friend and JGen alumnus Nick Tipple at Portchester Castle, Hampshire – 2002

Pastors Paul & Ben

Paul & Ben Rodgers, one of the first JGenners in Australia in 2003


Showing my sporting prowess at cricket at Angle Crossing, New South Wales, Australia in 2003 (Just don’t worry about the location of the ball in this shot!)

South Durras

Paul and Nick Jensen (the very first 2 JGenners in Australia) enjoying the beach at South Durras, New South Wales, Australia – 2003


Evie @ 1


Evie and Daddy at Callala Bay, New South Wales, Australia – 2010

wallises and miltons

Friends, neighbours and church in Healesville, Victoria, Australia. So grateful for our multi-generational fellowship over the fence with the Milton Family, 2016 – 2019


AirBNB in 2018 = a whole lot of ironing!


Travelling in 2011

evie riding.jpg

Helping Evie with bike riding – Canberra October 2015


Ben’s naming and blessing at Jervis Bay Baptist Church in 2011

skateboarding with evie.jpg

Skateboarding with Evie in Olinda, Victoria – October 2015


Exploring Gruyere, Victoria, Australia – February 2016

running Wallises.jpg

Wallis Kids enjoying their 2016 “Tree-Change”

kids on new bikes

Evie and Ben, biking in Victoria, Australia – July 2016


Evie @ 8



Dad by Caleb

Dad by Caleb – 2018

Paul and Ruth at Launching Place.jpeg

Paul and Ruth – January 2016

Les Trois.jpg

Young Wallises – 2016

west wyombe fair 1977 (2)

Looking roundly unimpressed by some historic technology at West Wycombe Fair in 1977 – Auntie Freda, Carolyn John, Mark, Me – and some interloper…


Beach preaching at Dawlish Warren in Devon, UK in 1984

Author's shot Tidbinbilla.JPG

My author’s shot in 2006 – picture taken by Ruth at the NASA / CSIRO Tracking Station at Tidbinbilla, Australian Capital Territory

The Algarve - Carvoeiro Beach (4)

algarve (2)

2020-03-18 (3)

2020-03-18 (2)

Paul in Portugal (2)

With Mum, brother Mark and Dad (taking the pictures) enjoying life at the beach in Portugal’s beautiful Algarve – back in the 1960’s

Callala beach

Me and Evie on Callala Beach, New South Wales, Australia – 2011

tina entrance kids.jpg

Evie and Ben, practising their Tina Turner entrance! Sanctuary Point 2012


Evie and Ben, still practising their Tina Turner entrance! Sanctuary Point 2019


Evie, Daddy & Ben outside Daddy’s office at Morrissey Property in 2014

wedding girls.jpg

Evie, Ruthie & fellow bridesmaids at a friend’s wedding, Gold Creek, Canberra 2013


Paul at the inception of the Pan African Fellowship, Portsmouth UK – 1996

PAF Home.jpg

Home to the Pan-African Fellowship – 1996-2001
(Seeding the International Felllowship of Christian Students in 2001)

Me and MattHappy 40th, Matt!

Me & Matt Sellers on the Great Barrier Reef in ’99 (top) & Matt at leisure in ’06 (above). A great friend and an alumnus of one one of my group houses, Matt passed away in 2006 at the age of 30. It was through boarding with me that  Matt met the Love of his Life. And it was through travelling with Matt that  I met the Love of my Life and made my new home in Australia. A God-given friendship whose memory always makes me smile.

Wallis boys in the backyard

My brother Mark  and me, snowballing in the
backyard one snowy English Easter in 1974


Getting Baptised in 1982, dunked by Geoff Hawkins & David Pytches 

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021 from Paul and Ruth XXX

looking orthodox.jpg

Looking very Orthodox in 1991 –
shortly after my ordination as Priest in the Church of England

Sengh Li and Me

Visiting and learning from Pastor Sengh Lee at Faith Community
Baptist Church in Singapore in 1997

blessing caleb

Naming and Blessing Caleb – Canberra, 2014

bkessing ben.jpg

Naming and Blessing Ben at Jervis Bay Baptist Church in 2011



I served the Anglican Church in Australia as Archdeacon of North Canberra from 2012 to 2015. This is me and the family as I was collated, The Venerable Paul Wallis, by Bishop Stuart Robinson at Goulburn Cathedral in February 2013.  Don’t think Evie looks too impressed with the paparazzi  attention though!


Ruth and Caleb on holiday – 2016

canddadafter lunch

Caleb and Daddy after lunch one day – August 2016

Mummy and Caleb at lunch again.jpg

Caleb and Mummy at lunch one day – August 2016

frank-williams 2 (2)

While working with the London Diocese I enjoyed the slightly surreal experience of serving on a real diocesan committee chaired by a fictitious vicar – or was it vice versa?! (Frank Williams of Dad’s Army)


Leading 100 teaching and ancillary staff on retreat in 2004. Few things are scarier than teaching a room full of teachers!! Paul with Principal, Carl Palmer.


St Pancras Old Church on the Fleet River – where I was first ordained in 1990


St Pancras Old Church Interior – a church has been on this site since before 314ad

A Young Nan

My Nan, Florence, in her younger years. A family tradition in Salvationism on my Nan’s side took a four generation pause, until it resurfaced from my subconscious in the elements of the Jesus Generation pledge and the Simple Rule

baptising footwashing.jpg

Baptising, anointing and washing with Jesus Generation

Ghana event.jpg

Paul & Ruth in 2004 – at a Ghanaian
cultural event in Canberra


Becoming an Australian Citizen – Canberra 2007


A favourite prayer spot 2000-2009 – The Cotter Dam near Canberra

baptising gerg.jpg

Baptising my neighbour in the ocean – at Tathra NSW

Paul and Nick

Paul & Nick at Greenfields Beach in 2011

Edmondson wedding.jpg

November 2009, enjoying the wedding of Paula and Dave,
(the latter, one of Paul’s 40 group-house graduates)

elmore abbey.jpg

A daunting retreat for me in 1993 – teaching the Benedictine monks of Elmore Abbey about “Prayer & Spiritual Direction” Thankful to say I was graciously received!

Trent Bldg from above
Trent Bldg Ctyd

Enduringly grateful to a wonderful faculty at the University of Nottingham & St John’s College, Bramcote. Great tutors and great libraries which drew me into a wonderful and life-changing tour of the Great Cloud of Witnesses! A real privilege.


Loving life with our favourite American cousins, Hannah, Enoch and Dora at St Georges Basin NSW in 2010 (Ask me the story of Selina the hospitality cat – far left!)


The Kennet and Avon Canal, entering Bath
where I had a home from 1983 to 1990

Winter in Bathampton 1984.jpg

Winter in Bathampton – the Kennet and Avon Canal
January 1985, the year I began in ministry


Historic graffiti – with monographs from 1779 – the bridge
by my home in Bathampton just outside Bath – 1984

Evie Girl at 1

Helping with Evie’s first ever bike ride (on a commandeered bike) in 2009


New adventure, walking with Caleb – Yass NSW October 2015

Daddy & Caleb - portrait by Evie

Daddy & Caleb – Portrait by Evie

working with Morrissey Property.jpg

Selling with Morrissey Property in Canberra 2014

morrissey team.jpg

Proud to work with the Morrissey Property Team – Trenton, Nikiya and Steve – 2014

caleb arriving.jpg

Mum & Bub – Caleb @ just an hour old – 2014

meeting caleb.jpg

Paul, welcoming our third Little One into the world – July 2014

happy christmas 2.JPG

The Wallis Family – Victoria 2016

Hugo first pic (2)

Hugo as a baby 🙂

Skye admiring the view

Skye, admiring the view

20200429_124813 (2)

20200429_095713 (2)

Celebrating my Birthday in 2020 – Happy to be a certain age 🙂

(thanks Jason & Karen Kirk for designing the specs!)


Birthday Boy 2021 – Happy to be a year older

Christmas 20 Bloopers

Happy 2021!