10) Give Your Body what it needs and You Won’t Have to Stress


When your body is getting what it needs it will not try to store or divert food or fluid into fat cells. My experience has been that when I give my body all the things I have listed above I can relax about my food intake.

In fact, along with all the changes above, I also added: a traditional cooked English breakfast almost every day, a little bit of cheese, chocolate and ice cream after dinner every day. The result? Less excess weight and my glucose and cholestrol returned to healthy levels after years on the upside!

I fumbled for years until I found a pattern that has worked for my body. I find this pattern a very easy and enjoyable regime. It doesn’t make me hungry. Without putting weight on I can enjoy all the foods that I love without being a slave to any of them. I feel so much better for my regime of the last seven years and enjoy the benefits of being that bit lighter. To be fair, this regime does require a financial commitment – Omega Daily isn’t the cheapest. But I could not put a price on the change it has effected for me. And that is the reason I am sharing this personal news with you.