Intentional Interim Ministry


1) Intentional Interim Ministry 1.01

2) Five Layers of Intentional Interim Ministry

3) Three Great Reasons to Hire an Intentional Interim…

  i) Breaking Out of Binary Thinking

  ii) Telling the Time

  iii) Avoiding Transference

4) Preparing for Ministry Succession: Gaps & Overlaps

5) Naming Problems, Red Flags and Consensus Decision-making

6) Intentional Interim and Emotional Healing

7) The Intentional Interim as Story-teller

8) A Fluid Assignment – Case Study in Place Healing (with video)

9) Spiritual Cleansing and Entity Removal (with video)

10) Ministry from the Edge

11) The Intentional Interim & Nanny McPhee

12) Commendations for Paul’s work as a Church Doctor & Intentional Interim



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